April Fishing Report

New Zealand Fishing Reports by Epic Adventures expert skippers

Coromandel : Whitianga report


with Capt. Owen
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April/May/June being one of my favorite times of the year to target big kings all round especially inshore shallows which can produce some epic fishing at times as we encountered in an unbelievable bite on big fish on a recent three boater trip. Fishing that good that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. So looking ahead into the rest of May and June should see us with some awesome winter fishing. As they do this time of year the sharks become a bit of a problem trying to get fish to the boat so with the water temperatures dropping we hope to see these predators of the deep move on.

Snapper are starting to show up in better numbers on the Alderman pins and still firing on the Cuvier pins as it has been over the last couple of months. So we are looking forward to May/June as the kings haven’t been hard to find.

Cheers all
Capt. Owen


with Capt. Tom
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April has been a hectic month onboard Mad Max and as usual the fishery here in Whitianga has really turned it on for our punters!

The bottom fishing has been going off with multiple hookups becoming the norm every single drift!

The offshore seamounts  have been holding large numbers of snapper which have been a welcomed bycatch on livebaits when targeting Kingfish!

The Kingfish have been very consistent on the offshore seamounts however staying away from the dreaded taxman has been challenging at times! A few good inshore sessions in the shallows have also produced fantastic results!




with Capt. Chase
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Some pretty sweet fishing in the shallows”, with the presence of bronzies on almost every pin  we’ve been sticking to the targeting kings in the shallows, livies just working a treat in close, managing to land some pretty solid fish in close in less than 20 metres makes for some pretty cool Rod action, snapper are in close too which is handy to add to  quickly add to the bin…



Coromandel Report : Omedo Bay

Anglers Lodge

with Capt. Chris
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Well, Apirl started off with a bang.
Had a few days at Great Barrier Island fishing the pins out the back of Cuvier. We smashed kings and big reds all day. It was a trip remember.

As far as the gulf goes, bait fish are in abundance and kahawai work ups are on the rise.
Snapper are still in big numbers around the mussel farms. Straylining the shallows north of Colville is working well using whole pillies or live mackies.

Kingis are still making a lively appearance taking everything, even little snapper when you are winding up. They are even taking dead baits too.
Aprils water temp was above average.


Capt. Chris.

Great Barrier Island Report


with Capt. Scott
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April has been providing consistent catches of a big reds in the shallows, soft baits and micro jigs in 10-20 meters.
The biggest specimens have been taken at the Cuvier pins on livebaits while targeting Kings with many fish taken over 8 kilos.
Bronze whaler sharks  have been prolific on the eastern side of Great Barrier, once a fish is taken the chances of landing the next are slim as they home in on the boat.

Cape Barrier has just started to fire with large schools of kingies, there are daily workups at Sunken Rock and Cecilia Sutton bay.
Channel Island has worked well though the Sharks have taxed some big fish. Recently a large pod of False killer whales moved in and cleaned up the kings in a frenzied attack, spectacular to watch.
Trevs and Dory have been readily taking grub style softbaits, a delicious addition to a day’s catch.
Bill our resident fish smoker has been doing a great job , the secret brine and method produces the best results possible.

The next month will be all about big kings and snapper at the Broken Islands, May is one of the best times so long as the weather holds.

Tight lines


Capt. Scott