Stewart Island and the Deep South


3 Days and 5 Day options are available.

There aren’t too many places left in the world to roam without being surrounded by people.

Leaving the port of Oban on Stewart Island which is the Southern most Tip of New Zealand. You will be fishing off and around Stewart Island weather dependent. 

Down here the water is full of life from the famous Bluff Oysters, the abundant Blue cod, Hapuka (Groper), the Southern Bluefin Tuna, spikey dogfish and it is also possible to see a few of the world’s largest great White Sharks including FRED the Shark – featured on the Discovery channels shark week. After seeing Fred you might not be too excited about grabbing some crays each night, but freediving off the boat in the sheltered bays leads to a banquet of Crayfish each night.

Getting there: You will need to either fly to Invercargill and get a Stewart Island air short hop to OBAN or take the ferry from Bluff to Oban. The Vessel leaves from Oban on Stweart Island

The Stewart Island Fishing Experience

Fishing off the Yuwindi II with Capt Bryce and his team will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Come and see why the DEEP South is now on Everyone’s fishing and hunting bucket list! Learn more at

Capt Bryce is a commercial fisherman. Catching high-quality fish to order for overseas markets. Based in Oban, NZ

Yuwindi 2 in the harbour

The Yuwindi II is a large commercial fishing vessel that sleeps 8 plus the crew. It is fitted with a Gyro making the experience that much more comfortable.

Stewart Island Sunsets
Oban harbourview
Fresh paua for tea
Explore the bays each evening in the Yuwindi2 tender
Free diving for scallops… yum!
Easy crays each night.

What do people say?

Truly an epic adventure in the southern ocean, we fished, drank, laughed and ate extremely well for 2 days, paua, crayfish, albacore and tons of blue cod.
Captain Bryce is a fantastic experienced captain and a great guy and Sam was an absolute legend.
Highly recommended.

Dean 2023


An Unforgettable 5-Star Fishing Adventure!

If you’re looking to venture around Stewart Island and experience the vast waters and climate or just looking for an unforgettable experience, I simply cannot recommend this fishing trip enough! From the moment we set sail from Oban harbour on Stewart Island, it was clear that the crew’s dedication to providing a top-notch experience was unparalleled. Their expertise and enthusiasm made for a truly outstanding adventure that exceeded all my expectations and those of my 7 friends.

The captain’s knowledge of the local waters was simply astounding. He led us to the most fruitful fishing and diving spots, where we encountered a diverse range of fish species and learnings. We were set to reel  in some trophy-worthy catches, but unfortunately the rough waters were against us.  That being said, the captain still ventured safety out into deep waters to give us a taste of Big South Island deep sea fishing, and we nailed a couple of beauties, before turning back into calmer seas.

What stood out to me was the commitment from the crew to ensure we were all safe and having an enjoyable time. The crew ensured that we were mindful of the environment and was consistently providing value information around fishing and diving.

The trip was not only about fishing, but also about forging connections and making memories. The camaraderie among our mates and crew created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that was truly special. Between the laughter, thrilling catches, and breath-taking scenery, it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To top it all off, the gourmet seafood, caught by ourselves whilst on board was absolutely divine.  We particularly enjoyed the Paua cooked in different ways.

In summary,   Epic Fishing nailed this one and we are looking at booking a similar trip next around the sounds with the same crew.  Thanks everyone.

Clive 2023