Bluff and the Deep South

There aren’t too many places left in the world to roam without being surrounded by people.

Leaving the port town on Bluff on the Southern Tip of New Zealand you will most likely be aiming for Stewart Island our southern most Island and its east coast or potentially the west coast of the island, weather dependent. 

Down here the water is full of life from the famous Bluff Oysters, the abundant Blue cod, Hapuka (Groper), the southern Bluefin Tuna, spikey dogfish and it is also possible to see a few of the world’s largest great White Sharks including FRED the Shark – featured on the Discovery channels shark week. After seeing Fred you might not be too excited about grabbing some crays each night, but freediving off the boat in the sheltered bays leads to a banquet of Crayfish each night.

Getting there: You will need to either fly to Invercargill and arrange transfers or a rental vehicle for the short 23+ minute drive to the Bluff Wharf. The vessel leaves at 8am so plan your arrival around that schedule.

The Stewart Island Fishing Experience

Fishing off the CRUSADER with Capt Conrad and his team will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Come and see why the DEEP South is now on Everyone’s fishing and hunting bucket list! Learn more at

Capt Conrad is a commercial fisherman. Catching high-quality fish to order for overseas markets. Based in Bluff, NZ

The FV Crusader is a large commercial fishing vessel that sleeps 8 plus the crew. It is fitted with a Gyro making the experience that much more comfortable.

Stweart Island Hunting

We have the option to drop you and your hunting crew off in the South Western part of Stewart Island, possibly the most remote hunting location in New Zealand. here the Whitetail deep are prolific and it is common to see deer wandering the beaches (an easy meal for the skippers).