Epic Adventure Packages

At Epic we want to have packages that are memory makers, we know are kingfish fishing charters are epic so we have put together a few more experiences that we know a keen fisho / outdoors person will love.

Starting in the deep South…..


Check this out – coming soon!
The opportunity to stay aboard and fish New Zealands deep South, your hosts are commercial fishermen and they know the area well, staying in a specialist vessel made for the conditions. You will have the chance to fish for XXL blue cod, one of the tastiest fish you can get, how about regularly being able to find Hapuka, a species gone from most shallow NZ reefs. On the way out your skipper might drop off a cray pot of two to ensure you have plenty of delicious food for the table.

Staying each night in remote sheltered bays with Sika deer often cruising past on the shore, and there is always the chance to see one of the world’s largest great white sharks “Fred” that lives here, made famous by the discovery channels shark week.

About the Deep South experience

You will fly into Invercargill an or drive into New Zealands southernmost port town Bluff

You will be welcomed aboard by your hosts Conrad and partner and the deckhands will help square you away. A full safety briefing and then you will be underway.

Conditions always dictate where you go and when.

Numbers: Up to 8
Cost: speak to us for a quote
Duration : 3 days 2 nights
Location: Stewart Island, Fiordland, Bluff – New Zealand

Epic Multi-day kingfish and snapper adventure

Grab a group of mates and book a multi-day kingfish and snapper experience. made even better when you book both boats and can compete against each other.

Stay in local accommodation – speak to us about renting a local house, or book into the local hotels.
Each day you will be at the ramp at 7am and your skipper will let you know the plan.

Beautiful Coromandel Snapper on Epic Fishing charters
Chur! Nice work on a solid Whitianga Kingfish charter with Epic Adventures

About the Epic Snapper and Kingfish multi-day charter

Location : Whitianga
Duration : Min 2 days
Fishing : Mix of deep water live baiting, jigging, bottom fishing, and trolling
Targets : XXL kingfish, Snapper, and Hapuka.

Epic Kingfish and East Coast hunting experience

Spend a couple of days chasing big yellowtail kingfish with our talented skippers then head down to New Zealands East Coast on the North Island for a unique outdoor experience.

Once you have arrived at your destination you will be greeted by your guide and taken to a range for safety drills on rifle use, sighting and shooting. Once you are safely able to handle the weapon you will be driven to a remote location where you will begin.

The experience begins by tramping into some dense forestry blocks where you will have the opportunity to hunt feral pigs, goats and deer. Your guide will have pig dogs with him, for the brave this means the chance to ‘stick’ a pig. Or if you prefer use the rifle to sight and shoot goats and deer.

Your accommodation is also unique, you are given the opportunity to build a bivy ‘ bush hut’ to sleep in.

You will carry out any game you wish to keep, and at the end of the hunt you can swing off the local wharf and there is always the chance of a crayfish or two for lunch.

Pig Hunting in Kaiapoi Adventures Gisbourne

About the kingfish and East coast experience

Location: Whitianga – Kingfish charter, then The Gisbourne region / East Coast – North Island
Duration : 3 days – Fishing 1 day, Hunting 2 days
Experience needed: None
Price: POA (contact us)
Min Numbers: 3 pax