Epic New Zealand Hunting

It’s been a tough few years for tourism worldwide but in the hills and valleys of New Zealand’s backcountry, the invasive species that we hunt have been getting busy. Whether you are a novice or expert or simply want to have an EPIC outdoor adventure we have you covered.

Before or after your fishing charter, add a few days of hunting to your Epic Adventure!

Talk to us and let us help you plan and book an amazing high country guided hunting experience in some of New Zealand’s best landscapes.  From the coastal bush and hills around the East Cape of the North Island to the South Islands Southern Alps we can put together a truly Epic Adventure!

A decent animal that was seen during the roar

Epic hunting options

Option 1 – Stewart Island – SouthWest Drop off

Want to be dropped off in the most secluded spot in New Zealand in an area stacked with Whitetail deer. Where you will need to be ‘old school’ and stalk and sustain yourselves with what you bring? if that sounds like you and your group we can offer a Stewart Island hunting drop-off service to the South West, For the hunters, visiting the southwestern corner of Stewart Island, this is one of the must-do locations. This area is outside of the heavily hunted ballot hunting blocks, where the animal numbers are very high, with pressure, and only hunted occasionally by a passing commercial fisherman. Bucks are more frequent and deer are often observed on the sandy beaches. Hunt for 2 or 3 or 5 days then re-join the vessel for either some awesome fishing action (option detailed below) or just a ride back to civilization.

Pricing for the drop-off ex Bluff and pick-up return Bluff ONLY: TBC

Option 2 – Stewart Island – Hunt and Fish Combo

Book our awesome fishing experience which is the 3-day 2-night Stewart Island experience and add on 2 extra days for fishing as you circumnavigate the Island.  

On top of the fishing experience outlined in the EPIC DEEP SOUTH EXPERIENCE, there are options for Oysters during the season, scallops during the season, and southern bluefin tuna during the season. And the always present Crays Paua and Blue cod etc. We really focus on showcasing the seafood we have to offer. Some groups eat three seafood meals a day! With the added bonus of venison from your hunt of from the Skippers nightly stalk along the beaches where there are often WhiteTail deer seen.

Pricing: Is $650 per person per day ON BOARD. So if we drop you off for a hunt there is no extra charge from us for those days. Note depending on how long you want to hunt your pick-up is dependent on the vessel’s schedule.

Option 3 – Meat hunts for Deer, Thar, Goat, Chamois, Pig

Whether you are a relatively new or a hard-core outdoors person the guides that epic work with are some of the best around. 

They also offer trophy options for other mountain species like Thar and Chamois.  Trophy prices apply and that is done by you by negotiation with the guide. We charge per person for the Guide and incidentals.

The areas where the hunts are offered also vary from Free Range bush and hill country to stations (large farms or ranch) and managed blocks.

Our East Cape-based guide offers a full bush experience for the hardy where you build and sleep in your own bush bivy and chase wild pigs with specialist dogs.

Like to learn more? Send us an email with your enquiry to info@epicadventures.co.nz or use the chat-bot on the side of the page

EPIC hunting FAQs

How do I book an Epic Hunting Adventure?

If you would like to know more about pricing and packages please send us an email to info@epicadventures.co.nz or call +64 21 886 223

Do I need a gun license to hunt with Epic Adventures? 

No, if you are with a licensed guide you will be using his license. A full firearms training, refresher, and sighting exercise is compulsory to ensure yours and our guide’s safety.

If you are doing a Stewart Island hunting drop off you will require your firearms license and your own gear.

How much does it cost?

The Epic Hunting experiences vary in terms of cost significantly, if you are after a trophy animal then when you book or speak to us we will run you through the rates charged by the guides. If you are just wanting the experience and thrill or being in the bush or remote South Island high county and are simply after the experience then a day rate with a guide is very reasonably priced. Be aware if you choose to take a trophy animal additional fees will apply.

What time of year is best?

If you are after a trophy deer or Elk then you will need to be hunting before they drop their antlers; 

Red Deer and Elk – Late Feb -July (Mid March – end of April is the roar/rut)
Fallow deer – March  – July
Thar Chamois April – August
Pigs year-round

Deer meat hunts are year-round.

Will you help with planning a hunt around my Epic Fishing charter?

Yes, we will book your day(s) on the water with one of our world-class skippers, and based on what hunting experience you want we will plan the trip for you along with booking or recommending suitable accommodation.  Note: Our Fishing boats are located in the Coromandel and Bay of Islands. The nearest hunting experience is a long drive to Gisborne. Most are in the South Island of NZ so a flight is required unless you have a long vacation planned.