Mehmet : Epic Review

‘Epic’ is an understatement. Just had the best fishing experience ever! Following a disappointing session at the Bay of Islands with another charter, I decided to jump in the campervan and make the 7 hour journey to Whitianger for a king fishing session with EPIC. I’d like to thank both the office and our skipper for fitting me onto the boat on very very short notice (7pm the night before). A quick overview of our day…
Arrived at the wharf 6:25am and we were out on the water by 6:30am, before any other boat.
After arriving at our livie collection spot, we caught over 60 livies within 20 minutes and were off to one of EPICs favourite Kingfish havens.
We got to the spot, circled for 2 minutes, located the fish whilst baiting up.
First drop, bammmmmm, we were on! This continued without fail for the next 4 to 5 hours where we caught King after King. We caught over 15 solid Kings all between 10 to 20kg. We kept one for dinner with all others being returned to the water to grow fatter and put a smile on another anglers face!
To top the day off, our skipper took us around for a scenic cruise along the Coromandel Peninsula where we hand fed 15lb monster snapper.
Being from Sydney, Australia, fishing like this doesn’t exist so if you truly want to have an amazing experience and catch the fish of a lifetime, book in a kingfishing session with Epic !

Ill definitely be back in the not too distant future.

Mehmet Aslan
AKA Aussie Boi

Epic Adventures