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We want to take you on an Epic New Zealand fishing adventure you'll never forget!

Epic Adventures specialise in affordable fishing charters and guided fishing holidays for one person up, giving you a good opportunity to hook into a decent snapper or New Zealand yellowtail kingfish. Tairua and Whitianga on the Coromandel are renowned for great fishing, and we have a reputation for putting people on to big New Zealand kingfish.

We want to put you on to epic fishing action, in an absolutely spectacular setting. We specialise in kingfish jigging, popping and top water kingfish, livebaiting, gamefishing and softbaiting. We recognise that a day on the water shouldn’t cost the earth and that each angler should get the full attention of the skipper

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Check out some of our recent fishing reports below:

Fishing Report Jan 2015

2015 has started with a hiss and a roar the fishing has been EPIC.


Firstly the reappearance of Yellowfin tuna on our coastline has brought sheer excitement amongst the fleet, as itís been a while since these large yellow bullets have been able to reach our waters in any numbers.


Big eye tuna of massive proportions have also arrived especially in January. It isn't uncommon to experience the larger tuna in the late stages of December and early January and this sure was the case this season. Let's hope this trend continues over the future years as they have been sorely missed.


The kingfish have been amazing over January and February. We were ecstatic to see the high quality of fish around. They are well conditioned and abundant. January saw our fleet working more around the Cuvier island pins as there were loads of kingis ranging from rats to large thirty kg beasts


Check the rest of the photos and reports here





Fishing Report 29 Nov 2014

November has been the big spring month for us this year and with CoroKing (our third Senator) now on the water Owen has joined the Epic team full time and has been out there dominating proceedings!


We've just loaded up a report and gallery of pics from Owen's November of fishing charters and it is fair to say there are plenty of barrel sized kingfish amongst them, most of which have been released to fight another day.


Pictured opposite is Andrea who joined Syd on a couple of weeks in Tairua and she got a couple of beauty kingfish - yep as usual it was the lady on board who came away with the trophy!After October where CrackerJack and Cuvier were often the place to be, November has been all about the Aldie Pins with its typical spring bite of solid kingfish. Jigs have been working real well, with the jigger who goes hard all day rewarded with some very nice fish - Blue Broken Arrows and JM Rockets very productive.


The fish are still primarily mid water with the odd fish following livies and smashing them at the boat, it won't be long before the good top water fishing is here. In the meantime enjoy Owen's report here





Fishing Report 22 Oct 2014

We've just loaded up a report detailing an epic boys day off on the water with two ex-Epic skippers Carl Muir and Tony Carpenter (who returned from Costa Rica setting world records on the Blue Marlin) and Owen, current skipper on the new Epic RH690 Senator - CoroKing.


The three lads took advantage of some nice weather and a gap in the booking calendar for a get together on the water, and loaded the two livie tanks with slimey mackeral and went in search of some hapuka.


It ended up being a huge day with the boys getting stuck into hapuka up to 46.9 kg (good old fashioned 100pound+)


It was another good test for the new vessel, our third Senator, which has now well and truly been put through its paces by Owen and delivering some great fishing action.


It was also a great chance for the boys to catch up with Tony who had some awesome stories from his time overseas before he shoots back off on some more travels.


The hapuka fishing over the next month should continue to be pretty special, and the kingfish are really starting to fire up on the lures, so if you want to get in on the action, make sure you get your seat on the new boat locked in!


For more photos and a full report of the boys day out on the hapuka check the full report from Carl here




Fishing Report 22 Oct 2014

What a month it has been so far!


October certainly has the reputation of being one of our best months on the water, and this one is no exception so far, although we think the best is still to come with water temps still well down compared to last year. There is every indication that Nov could be the very hot month for the kingfish this year!


The kingfish have started piling in to our usual haunts in good numbers and are coming up very high in the water column and that means plenty of charters where the jig fishing has out fished the livebaits.


There have been some very nice hapuka coming on the bite too!


Our new rig CoroKing is well and truly fished in! Owen has had plenty of good fishing charters so far, and the first few have seen plenty of days with doubles, triples and quads of kingfish released to fight another day.


For more from an epic October so far check the photos and reports here





Fishing Report 30 Sept 2014

September has lived up to its reputation, plenty of wind, but on the days we've been out there have been some of the biggest baddest kingfish you will find.


Plenty of nice 20k+ fish caught this month, and they have moved around a lot, some days we've been getting them in the shallows around the Mercs, Ohinau, Danger and the next day out at the pins or wider in 200m.


Having to stalk the fish down makes it all the more fun!


There has been the first sign over the last week that the surface action is about to erupt with some top water action out at the pins.


Other than that livebaits have been the ticket to the best fishing but it won't be long before the mint spring weather kicks in and we are amongst some wicked lure fishing action.


Owen and Roy were out testing the new RH690 Senator before the fishing charters on our new vessel kick off next month.


Owen is pictured opposite with one of the first kingfish off the new rig. Check more pics from Sept fishing here



Fishing Report 30 Aug 2014

We're getting close to the tail end of winter, and so it is time to make the most of some great winter fishing.


This time of year the kingfish can skulk reasonably deep, and one of the best kingfish at over 30kg, came from 200m+


Some times you have to wait for the bite in winter, but when it comes, the fish are often very big and the bite can be intense. 


Thre have also been some quality fish in around the islands, winter is the time the smaller fish thin out and so slow trolling baits in around the shallows at the Mercs can produce some mean fish as well.


Right now is also prime time for big snapper.  Owen has been getting out chasing some big Coromandel snapper and showing he is the man for smashing over big reds!


Big fresh baits are the ticket at the moment he reckons, and these fish are right up hard to shore, including the best snapper he got off the bricks at Port Jackson.


Livebaits have been producing the best winter kingfish, the wharves at both Tairua and Whitianga have been producing, and when there has been some fresh water going a bit further afield has been in order, but doing the miles to get the live baits in winter is well worth the effort.


We are about to go into prime time for top water season, and so everything should soon flip over, and the kingfish will start feeding high up in the water column on the deeper reefs.


It does not get much better than October and November so if you want to experience what that season is all about just get in touch, we have a new 3rd boat hitting the water so should be able to find you a lot for an Epic fishing adventure.


Check more photos from the fishing charters over the last month here






Fishing Report 27 July 2014

If you want big, fat fish, there is no better time to go looking for them on the Coromandel than winter!


As you can see from the condition of some of these fish, they are putting on their winter coat big time!


We've had some great charters lately out of Tairua and Whitianga, and Capt Owen's crew of Scott, Dom, Val and Trsitan hooked into some XOS sized models on their kingfish charter including this 32 kg brute!


We get fishos coming from all over the globe to fish with Epic Adventures, and love hosting people from all over the globe, this crew from Singapore flew over especially to feel the power of the monster green and gold kingfish and had a ball on their multi day fishing charter out of Whitianga.


Carl has been out doing some hunting on Gamechaser on some of the down days we have over winter, and had regular Graham McKenzie aka Boulder out and he managed a nice hapuku over the 30kg mark.


He reports also some very nice hunting for bugs in 8m of water pretty close to home, the boys from DIve Zone Whitianga tagged along for a fun days diving for crayfish out of Tairua.


Livebaits have been pretty easy to get once the sou westerlies kick in and both the Tairua and Whitianga wharfs are holding livebaits.  When the swell has picked up and livies have headed wide, both jigs and cut baits have been working well.  Cut baits in particular get a wide range of fish from snapper to hapuka and even kingfish over winter will often take a cube of bait over a livebait, you just never know!


The signs are there that the stickbait season is also about to kick off, with some good top water sign starting to show up, don't be suprised to see some big stickbaits hanging out of kingfish's mouths in the next report you see here!


If you want to see some more pictures from our recent trips, check out the full report from our recent winter fishing charters with Epic Adventures, Tairua and Whitianga here









Fishing Report 25 June 2014

Winter fishing at its best is here!


The last week has some some very nice hapuku move into the 200m mark in a variety of locations up and down the coast, Capt Stackie first getting into some nice fat models with the Arrow boys last weekend and the Cam bagging this nice 42kg model below to Paul and 50kg opposite to Leigh.


These hapuku are just suckers for a livebait and its defintely our bait of choice when it comes to chasing hapuku.


If we get on a good patch we'll do a few drops and then move on. One or two of these fish provide a good enough feed for all on board and we'll try and keep a good stock of them around for more charters and other crews to come.


The kingi fishing has been awesome as well with some fun sessions on light gear in the shallows and some very nice conditioned kingfish to 20kg turning up in as shallow as 5m. When it comes to the deeper reefs, the deeper is better when winter comes along, spots like S Block and the hook are starting to fire on the kingi front.  Plenty of spots there for anyone keen to get out in July.  Take a look at the lastest report to get you fired up here



Fishing Report 19 June 2014

Well this is by far the best time to get into some quality land based snapper action.


It is the time of year that Owen loves to take people fishing from the bricks at the remote northern part of the Coromandel, with plenty of nice big reds there your your footstep at places like Port Jackson and Stony.


Owen has been catching some very nice snapper up there as well as kingfish and trevally and seeing some awesome marine life life Orcas in the process.


Owen had Nicky Sinden from ADOS Addicted to Fishing out recently and the show she shot with Owen has already aired. You can see the full length version plus some more pics and a full report from Owen from the last two months fishing here




Fishing Report 4 June 2014

The last few weeks have produced some epic fishing with our Tairua and Whitianga charter groups getting into some very nice fish from the Aldies right up to Cuvier. 


As well as some very nicely conditioned kingfish we've had a great run of snapper amongst the kingfish on the deep foul, especially on the 100m mark up around Gt Merc and Cuvier. 


After getting your arms stretched on some fat winter kingfish theres nothing better than putting some nice fat snapper into the fish bin for dinner!


Regular Ken Sewell and Tony McKenzie were out making the most of some great jigging at the Aldies last week.


Tony was getting smashed on his trusty white JM Alien which is usually a hot winter jig, definetly worth picking a few up before you come out on your next Epic charter!


Pink jigs have also been getting a lot of attention and it pays to have a few colour options in your arsenal.


We've got some pics from the last few weeks fishing, snapper, kingfish, hapuku, its time for winter styles and nailing the trifecta while you are out, check out the latest report here



Fishing Report 10 May 2014

Well the water has started to cool down but the kingfish and hapuka don't seem to have cared!  We are into some of the best time of the year to be fishing for big kingfish and hapuka at the moment.


One of the highlights on the kingfish front was this 30kg kingfish on Carpenter stickbait on a multi day fishing charter.  The fish was pulled out of 15m of water by Aaron, solid effort in the shallows!


Some of the best fish for the trip with Capt Cam were pulled out of the shallows up the top end of Great Mercury, it is a great time for top water in the shallows at the moment with some big fat kingfish ready to hit stickbaits.


The Aldie Pins have been producing some nice fish as well with some big catch and release days over the last few weeks.


One of the highlights over the last few weeks has been the snapper which is usually the case as the water cools down!  All up and down the 100m line there is some quality fish hitting livebaits and fresh baits in the deep.


The coast is also loaded with fish for some good straylining and softbaiting.


Out in the deep the puka are playing ball and this is one of the quarries on those nice still autumn and winter days!


Steve Soley was back from Aussie for his third annual multi day trip and as usual Paul from Blue Water Motel came along for some fishing. The boys got not only some nice kings and snapper on their charter but bagged a couple of nice big puka to top the trip off!


Tino and the Aussie boys also had a blast with Capt Stacky, plenty of kingfish amongst the bait in Whitianga, some nice kingfish out of a bit deeper and them some nice big pukas on livies to wrap the trip up.  We've got over 100 photos on our recent trip report, click here to check out a wrap up of the last few weeks action.







Fishing Report 15 Apr 2014

Boom! What a start to April! Epic kingi action, some nice hapuka and a couple of striped marlin on jigging rods thrown in for good measure!


Our clients have been having a ball on Epic and Gamechaser!


Simon Park and the Aussie boys had a ball with Capt Stackie, primarily fishing Whale and Crackerjack behind Gt Merc. The highlight for the trip was an epic session slow trolling livies around Whale where the boys all released kingfish in the 20kg - 30kg range.  These freight trains just pull so hard, especially in the shallow water!!  Mitch Milowski got the kingi of the three day fishing charter - a 30kg hog of a kingfish.


Aucklander Rusty got a sweet suprise on his day charter, Capt Cam spotting a work up in between kingi spots and throwing out a lure on a Composite Developments jig rod which got hooked and Rusty got to fight a nice sized striped marlin on jig rod and Stella reel! 


There is a nice patch of marlin holding out of Red Mercury at the moment, and plenty of blue water and bait fish to hold them there.  We should see some good marlin fishing right into May.


Joe Caruana and the boys were back for a two boat trip out of Whitianga on Epic and Gamechaser and Stackie and Cam put the boys on to some epic fishing action!


Joe's brother Sam scored a 35kg beast of a hapuka off the Red Merc, and the boys had some non stop kingi action with plenty of healthy kingfish released to fight another day.


The boys on Gamechaser got a nice suprise when three rods armed with livies went off - two of them good sized kingfish, and another a nice sized striped marlin! Chaos!!  Cam and the anglers did a great job getting all of the boys fish to the boat. Both kingfish released and Dave fighting a stripey for 2 and a half hours on 250gm Composite Developments jig rod.  What a great catch for the boys - well done!


The water temperature is still unseasonably high for this time of year, and we have probably one of the best patches of fish up and down the NZ coast at the moment.


The hardest part is working out what to target - kingfish, marlin, puka, snapper - the fishing for all of them is just amazing at the moment!


Take a look at our calendar and get some dates locked in!  Check out some more pics and report from the last few weeks here













Fishing Report 20 Mar 2014

Day Time Swordfish On in NZ!


Broadbill swordfish are widely respected in angling circles as the Gladiator of the ocean, the hardest fighting fish for their size and so the boys were pretty stoked to nail two in a day today. Normally caught at night on the surface, only recently have anglers started chasing them during the day, the trick being they reside very deep 500m to 800m during the day, so presenting a bait to them that deep presents a challenge in itself!


Carl had long time clients Sam Stringfield and Tony McKeznie out on Gamechaser to chase some bluenose in the deep and the plan was to have a drop in 500m on the way home to have a crack for an elusive swordfish.


What transpired was a pretty special day with some awesome Bluenose fishing with Sam, and Epic team members Roy and Cam all getting their first ever Bluenose, and good Bluenose at that up to 20kg.


After a great Bluenose session the guys for a likely spot to chase a swordfish and begun the long job of getting a carefully rigged bait down to 500m deep.


The guys didn't have to wait long before Sam hooked up and got his swordfish to the boat, then Tony followed suit with a solid 128kg Swordfish.


Both fish were caught on 80lb mono with a CD Tournament fully rollered bent butt rod and Makaira 80W reel.


The swords should stick around for most of autumn and winter so if this is something that interests you (and we reckon it is something that should be on your bucket list!) then get in touch.


For the full story from an epic day out check Carl's report here




Fishing Report 12 Mar 2014

The Aldies is going off its rocker at the moment - just EPIC fishing for marlin and kingfish!


We've just had David Robotham and 7 of his mates back over to NZ for an epic two boater over three days.


The weather was kind, and the fish were hungry!


In addition to the usual epic dose of XOS NZ kingfish on jigging gear, the highlight was a double hook on marlin for the boys!


Capt Stackie had seen a big bust up of kingfish and marlin chasing maccies at the pins the day prior to the boys arriving and made sure he had two baits wet on game gear the same time of the tide the next day. 


The results was some epic pandemonium as the boys hooked a 122 and 157kg stripey at the same time.  Capt Stackie landed not only his first marlin as skipper on Epic, but second in the same day, from the same hook up.  Well done Nick!!


The boys carried on catching and releasing back to back kingfish, as well as some kingis off the Tairua wharf while catching bait too!  And a taste of NZ striped marlin will be travelling back to Australia for the boys family care of a great job done at the Tairua Butchery!


The water is still a toasty 21 degrees - awesome for March and some of the best kingi fishing we've seen out here, more pics from the boys trip here.


Cheers boys from Nick and Cam, we hope to see you again



Fishing Report 7 March 2014

What a cool few weeks on the kingfish and hapuka!


We've got some beautiful blue water pushing in to the coast at the moment and that has brought with it plenty of good stuff out of the deep!


Cam, Nick and Carl have a good mixture of regulars and newbies out over the last few weeks smashing over some nice fish.


Mozz was for a stint from the Bahamas and got his Mrs out for her first railing on NZ kingfish, and managed to bag himself a very nice tasty hapuka at the tail end of the day.


Joel and the crew from out west were out with Cam and struck an epic day where it was one barrell sized kingfish released after the other.


We've had upcoming TV show presenter Nicky Sinden from ADOS Addicted to Fishing out showing her our back paddock at the Aldermen Islands and managed to nearly get Nicky pulled in the drink and Carl managed to get his arms stretched on some nice fish too.


Regular Sam Stringfield was back for a two day trips with mate from NZ and Aussie and as usual the fishing gods turned on something special for him, with choice kingi action and a hapuka session the boys won't forget in a hurry, the biggest going 35kg!


All in all a very cool few weeks on the water with livebaits very easy to get out of Tairua at the Tairua wharf for the last four months now, plus the odd kingi before we've left the dock, always makes for a great start to the day.


There are plenty more pics from the boys from the last few weeks here




Fishing Report 28 Feb 2014

A quick report with a couple of very interesting mentions from Capt Stackie.


The first is a tagged kingfish his angler Tyler Williams caught at Slipper Island last week.  We were very interested to hear where this very well conditioned fish came from and it turns out this was originally caught at Ranfurly Banks by Capt Rick Pollock on Pursuit this time last year.  Quite an epic travel for this kingfish!


Nick has also had two Japanese anglers out recently who concentrated on casting lures for kingfish the whole trip, with some very nice stickbait caught kingfish being the result from Sugarloafs, Richards Rock, Ohinau and MacGregors.


Check more pics and more on this report here


Fishing Report 14 Feb 2014

Hows this for a line up of NZ's three staple fish - and all in XOS size! 


Kingfish, hapuka and monster snapper have been the quarry over the last few weeks, as the weather has been settled, the warm currents just keep on pushing in and the fish has been....EPIC!


John Eden brought over his sons John and Thomas, and Cam and Carl treated them to some very cool kingi fishing, with both of the boys getting railed on monster mid 20k kingfish and then both of them going on to get monster pukas, Thomas' one above going 35kg, caught on Boulders Avert t WRX and MC Works 516.


Capt Stackie has been braining some very nice snapper from the deep foul at the back of the Aldermen Islands, and Darryl who was over from Australia for a few days doing some research for a two boat trip next year, managed to top of his kingi fishing with several snapper over 20 pound! Nice one Darryl!


The kingfish as always have been our go to option with every day plenty of fish released to fight again, one of the nicer ones being this massive long fish caught by Marty with Capt Cam, and another cracker fat one of different proportions below it.


Cam also had an interesting recapture of a kingi caught at White Island this time last year! 


As usual deep drifting livies on jigging gear has been the ticket to the best fishing and we're just loving seeing the Furuno sounders loading up with big bait balls and kingis dotted all around the bait. Slipper,G Spot and the Aldermen Pins have all been producing quality kingfish from big bait balls of maccies. Too good!


For more pics from the last few weeks check out the boys report and trip pics page here









Fishing Report 31 Jan 2014

January has delivered plenty of epic memories for both clients and the epic team, with some awesome fishing charters over the last few weeks out of Tairua.


The bait is stacked up at the Tairua wharf, and not only have we been spending the first hour of the day loading the bait tanks there, there's been some kingis lurking too, like this one opposite caught by one of Capt Stackie's clients  before he even left the dock!  Nicks trick, banding the maccie off his outrigger so its only just in the water, seems the kings can't resist it!


New skips Nick and Cam are well and truly hitting their straps with plenty of days on the water so far delivering the results!


Out wider at the Aldermen Pins theres some big brutes and livies are the go to option and producing some XOS kingfish like this one for Dave.  Some very nice fish on jigs too, with the clear warm blue water always helping the jigging.


The foul around the Aldermen Islands has been holding some very nice snapper as Cam and Nick found out yesterday when they had an epic straylining session on the way home and bagged this very nice snapper for Graeme as well as a nice line of others.


There has been the odd marlin caught since the little flurry mid January but expect the water to warm up soon and it certainly looks like the tail end of February and early March will be when it all happens.


Omar and the boys had a great taste of what fishing Tairua is all about, with five nights at our Tairua bach and some great days on the water with Capt Cam putting them on to some nice kings and Carl bagging a few crays for their dinner.


There's been some nice crays right up in the shallows over the last few weeks including some very nice fish.


CD Rods Alistair Arkell was out for some Okuma reel testing and young fella Jasper Bowman managed to nail a nice line of kingfish on the Okuma Makaira, including this very fat fish below. Nice one Jasper!


The outlook for the next few weeks looks pretty promising with plenty of bait fish and blue water and a nice current eddying in from the wider Bay of Plenty. It should be game on!


For more pics from the last few weeks check the boys report and late Jan pics page here









Fishing Report 12 Jan 2014

It's a bit of a TEAM EPIC report this time round, with a bit of fun some of the the team Carl, Roy, Nick and Cam have had over the last week.


Our first marlin of the season hit the decks today aboard Gamechaser, with a team effort and Roy on the winding. It was our first day out chasing gamefish for this season and of course we were towing a full spread of Bonze lures, plus the new Bonze marlin dredge which we are trialing at the moment pulled a nice striped marlin into the gear in 300m in the middle ground, which ended up eating the Bonze apache in Taniwha (our most consistent lure) on the long rigger.


Theres been a handful of striped marlin caught so far, and also a few shortbill spearfish and mahimahi showing up so it won't be long before the game season hits its full straps.


The marlin came on Carl's first day back on Gamechaser after a stint fishing up north at the Hen and Chicks, from an epic base at Langs Beach.


Carl was up there trying out some new jigging and stickbaiting kit from YeeHaa, Shimano and Kiwi Fishing and got into some primo kingfish at the Hen and Chicks and some good family time, your classic Kiwi getaway to recharge the batteries for the season ahead. You can't beat wading out from in front of the house you are staying at and catching a feed of crays for the dinner table, it doesn't get much better!


The fishing has been epically consistent back at home with some crazy days out at the Aldie Pins, and some nice fish showing up on the coast, as close as the Tairua wharf while we've been catching baits.


Our new skippers Cam and Nick are both doing real well and this week both managed to take a wee break from back to back charters to put their others halfs on to some nice kingis!


Nick (aka Stackie) is pictured here with a very nice fish caught by his Mrs Megan before we went on to smash a marlin over on the same day.


Turns out Megan is Mrs eagle eyes and was the first to spot the marlin coming into the gear.


And Cam got his Mrs well and truly railed on this awesome big kingfish at the Aldie Pins the day before!


For a full report Carl's trip to Langs and the Hen and Chicks and some of the teams fun from the last few days o the kingis and first marlin for the season check the full report here









Fishing Report 2 Jan 2014

Happy New Year all! Hope it is an Epic year ahead for you!


We're looking forward to some wicked fishing this year and helping bring peoples fishing dreams for 2014 to reality! 


A very quick report to say Slipper is going off for kingfish! We've just had Mr and Mrs Maruyama with us, very keen Japanese livebaiting style fishos and as usual it was great to kick off the New Year with a Japanese crew, had some mean fun on some very nice kingfish and learnt lots about Japanese style kingfish livebaiting with them. 


Enjoy some of the pics here

Fishing Report 31 Dec 2013

We've had a really cool December on the water, thanks to everyone who has been a part of it!


While theres been the odd good bite at the Aldie Pins, most of the hot action has been further inshore with plenty of bait and kingfish round the 60-70m mark and any pins round there that come up to 20-30m. Most of the kingfish are holding high making them easy targets on stickbaits and jigs, livies in the mix though producing the consistent big fish every day.


We've had two new guides join the Epic fold this month, Nick Stack (Capt Stackie) has been guiding Epic, nailing some nice fish like this stickbait caught kingi at Cuvier pins, and Cam Allan, who will be decking and relief skipper on Gamechaser. Welcome boys! Theres plenty more pics in our report here



Fishing Report 24 Dec 2013

December has seen the water warm substantially and the kingfish have been more spread out as a lot of them move shallower, but there has been some cracker fish still for those that have come out jigging and livebaiting for them. Here's a nice one to hit the decks of Sanity and Toby has a report for his December trips here

Fishing Report 14 Dec 2013

We've just finished a weeks salt water flyfishing with Australian salt water fly enthusiast Mark Joseph.


This was Mark's fifth annual trip over to fish with us at Epic Adventures, and Mark always comes in December when the fish come up on some of the shallower pins and are easy to target in the top part of the water column.


This was probably the best of Marks trips in terms of the numbers of fish we got on fly as he now has his system well and truly nailed, pretty awesome to see the flyline ripping through the guides on kingfish!!


Cuvier produced the best patch of fish and Marks mate Dermot nailed plenty of jigs as well, great fun! Check the full report and pics here


Fishing Report 30 Nov 2013

What a cool month November has been! It has probably been our best month for kingfish of spring, with some big kingfish like this one opposite to Dan Birch from Nissan of 32kg, some hot bites and plenty of memorable moments, first kingis and PB's smashed!


The weather has just been superb and water temps a lot warmer for this time of year. That good weather spell meant Neil and the boys got a wicked five day run on their multi day fishing trip, and after nailing some nice kings on the first few days, Neil went on to nab some nice snapper on softbaits on the coast on the last couple of days, and the boys bagged some crays and scallies to chow down on the last couple of nights!


That pretty much wraps up what has been an awesome spring 2013!


This pic captures a lot of what our multi boat trips are all about lol a bit of healthy rivalry. We had the Demon Angler Catchin Club out for their annual kingi comp, with 12 anglers spread over our three boats. Robert Murphy here laying down the challenge after he landed a real string puller that had him well and truly buckled over!


For a full run down of Nov and more pics check Carls report here



Fishing Report 26 Nov 2013

After two years guiding for us Tony Carpenter is off an a new adventure decking in Mexico for a couple of years, we wish him all the best.  Tony went hell for leather smashing some big kings in his last few weeks, including this beaut kingfish opposite, check out some of his pics from the last couple of weeks here all the best bro!

Fishing Report 20 Nov 2013

November has been a great month, probably the best of the spring months this year, with the kingfish really firing, plenty of big fish and hot bites, and plenty of kingfish on jigs - the way we like it!


The weather has continued to be largely settled and unusually warm for this time of year - again how we like it!


The bait (maccies) have shown back up in Whiti after a wee spell, who knows where they went, but those good sized kings sure love some big macs!


For more pics and report from Novembers fishing on Sanity check Toby's report here




Fishing Report 5 Nov 2013

Tony's carried on with some fun fishing over the latter half of October and first week of November.


Some more quality hapuka have hit the decks of Epic, including this very nice fish to Nathan Elder. Nathan and his mates scored the epic trifecta of kingfish, hapuka and snapper on their Tairua Fishing charter.


One of the great things has been the quality of the jig fishing lately for kingfish.  Jigs have generally outfished baits.  A few maccies caught at the Tairua wharf along with the odd yellow eye and piper (garfish) has generally been enough as the kings have been hammering lures! Epic!


Martin Hamza came back for some unfishished business after the "one that got away" on his last NZ fishing charter, and this time was rewarded with some quality kingfish on jigs.  Nice one Marty!


Most of the good kingi fishing has been out deep but there is the first sign of some good jigging and stickbait action on the closer pins, like Slipper and Dogger


Our Aussie crews have been able to mix things up - along with some great kingi fishing and hapuka but we've nailed a few nice Bluenose lately too. 


Winding from 400m++ is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is pretty rewarding when you pull up a nice double of Bluenose like this!


The water temp is spiking up considerably and it won't be long before the gamefish turn up.  Marlin and tuna will hopefully be part of our summer reports soon!


Check out Tony's latest report from on board EPIC here





Fishing Report 1 Nov2013

We continued a pretty special run of fishing on Gamechaser through the latter half of October...!!


We've now seen five hapuka in the last month on Gamechaser over the 40kg mark, with fishing identity "Boulder" and his fishing buddy Atis nailing identical 42.4kg hapuka in the same day! Pretty crazy trailer boat fishing really!


The Balls Deep crew were back for another Tairua trip and as well as some puka and great kingfish on jigs we also got some diving and seafood action in as well with some fat scallops and crays. This time a new addition to the team was Frank, who nailed a nice line of kingis and hapuka.


Speaking of which we also had a new TV show called Get your Fish On come to Tairua and shoot two days on the water which mixed up some kingi jigging with gathering kaimoana(seafood) like scallops, crays and kina for a cook up each night.  It should make some pretty epic TV!


For plenty of hapuka and kingi pics and report from the last few weeks trips check out Carl's report from Gamechaser here









Fishing Report 31 Oct 2013

What a cool October it has been, the westerly winds have abated, the water temps have started to climb and that has meant the kingfish fishing has gone gangbusters.


Theres been some big kingfish hitting lures, great to see, including some epic dustings!


Hasn't mattered that the bait has been hard to find out of Whiti as the kingfish have mainly been hitting jigs and lures anyway.


Good to have the Balls Deep boys back on the Mandel and Adrian smashed some nice fish including a brute on a jig and a very nice fish on the Hammerhead Cherry Pai.


Some quality puka fishing has meant we can mix things up a bit as well and some of the fishing charters have been geting some very nice puka action on both livies and cut baits.


For more pics from the last month aboard Sanity check out Toby's report here





Fishing Report 11 Oct 2013

Woah!  October has lived up to its reputation of being the best month to come and chase kingfish.


Over the last week someone has flicked the switch and the kingi jigging has been EPIC!!!


Normie Rowda bagged this awesome 35kg kingfish on Gamechaser on a white alien JM jig, a jig that has been working great - accounting for heaps of kingfish over the last week!


The epic run of hapuka has continued over the last week with several over the 40kg mark hitting the decks, and this epic sized model on 44.54 kg was taken by visting angler Albert Cicek. His mate Davone nabbed a 25kg kingi on jig on the same epic trip!


The top water action for kingfish has also fired up and the same trip Norm got his monster kingfish on jig, Jono G managed to bag a 25kg model on a Carpeneter Bluefish stickbait. 


The boys had multiple pack attacks of kingfish on the surface blind casting stickbaits during a hot jigging session.


There have been plenty of very memorable trips on Gamechaser over the last two weeks and among them was the Pham family from Australia who ticked the kingi box with some very nice kingfish on their two day charter before capping it off with a family effort on a 45kg Hapuka that went a huge 1.50m!!


Check Carl's full report from the last two weeks action aboard Gamechaser here




Fishing Report 9 Oct 2013

That man Tony just loves his hapuka fishing and is in his element at the moment on board Epic with a very nice patch of puka straight east of the Aldies meaning in between the kingi bites the boys can nab a few nice puka for the table.


The quality of these fish has been astounding really with plenty over 30k and a number of fish over 40kg up to 45kg. 


There is nothing quite like loaded up on a puka of this size.  Divers talk of hapuka having a supersonic "boom" when a puka accelerates with a big smash of its tail, and you certainly know all about it when they decide to wolf in your livebait.


Our Epic livebait hooks are working a treat on these fish, with them all hooked right in the corner of the mouth.


Big Willy from Paeroa nabbed the a butterball of a hapuka picture opposite of 44kg, have you ever seen such a fat hapuka! 


The kingi fishing has been pretty choice too, with some nice fish on jigs and theres no need to keep any kingis really with a feed of hapuka on board, its catch and release styles on the kingfish.


Check the latest report from Tony and some Epic hapuka pics here









Fishing Report 5 Oct

Owen has been smashing some big snapper off the rocks over the last month!!


Plenty of big thumping snapper to 10kg have been the norm for intrepid clients emabarking on an Epic LBG adventure with Owen!


Check the mans report here!

Fishing Report 30 Sept 2013

Toby has been enjoying a few good kingi trips lately after we few weeks off the water overseas chasing sailfish.  He reports the bait a little scattered in the bay but some nice kingfish smashing the jigs at the moment. Check out his latest report here

Fishing Report 19 Sept 2013

It has been an epic September on two fronts! 


First of all some big fat kingfish and second of all some epic hapuka action!!


Tony's crew on Epic set a new Epic PB with a 100 pound hapuka hitting the deck, Dalline Leng from Auckland the lucky angler who managed to haul this beast of a fish up from the depths and weighing 47kg back at Tairua base!!  What a fish - a huge well done to Dalline!


Nathan was also on board on the same day and nabbed another big beast from the same trip pictured with another awesome model opposite.


The bigger of these fish have come on livebaits but the puka have also been taking cut baits.


The fight from these fish is just amazing, especially in 100m of water - with the fish up in the shallows at the moment for spawnining.


The kingi action has been pretty choice as well with kings starting to hit jigs and some mid 20k models hitting livies. The kingis are skulking a little deeper than usual for this time of year but it won't be long before they come up a bit higher and the lure fishing really hits its straps, especially with fish like this one of Aron McKeown's who nabbed a new kingfish PB on his recent trip .


Check out Tony's report from the recent trips on Epic here



Fishing Report 16 Sept 2013

There has been some great variety over the last couple of weeks. Kingfish, hapuka, snapper, you name it, spring is here and theres going to be some epic action over the next month or two, you can just feel it!


The spring jigging has sparked up, and Jas and the boys caught and released 44 kingfish off the back of Crackerjack at Gt Merc last week, with some nice snapper hitting jigs in amongst them.


Singaporean angler Wallace had a nice suprise on his honeymoon, not only nabbing a nice line of kingfish which he released but bagging a beaut hapuka from a crazy little session on the pukas!


There is a real nice patch of hapuka there and once there was enough for the table we left them alone for the next charter to enjoy ;-)


Ryan Siddans from Oz nabbed a nice bucketmouth hapuka on his day trip while travelling through New Zealand as well!


Check out more pics and report from Carl here









Fishing Report 1 Sep 2013

The first day of spring is here and we're very much seeing a transition at the moment with the kingfish to spring styles, including this beaut 31kg kingi on a trip with the Roberstons boys this week, being hooked mid water.  The boys had a ball with a double hook up first drop, triple the next and double the next before moving on to nab this large model at the end of the day.


Makes a nice change from the previous weeks where there were quality kingfish but they were all holding very deep on the reefs and out off the drop offs.


The last week has seen some great trips with multi hook ups of kingfish the norm, like this nice triple of kingfish for the boys from Independent liquor.


Theres some nice snapper on the coast at the moment in the shallows, and drifting the shallows with some 5" Gulp watermelon softbaits was the ticket to some very nice shallow water snapper fishing this week.


Check out more pics and a report from Carl here




>Fishing Report 27 Aug 2013

More great winter fishing the last few weeks and a theme has been a lot of southerners coming up from the South Island to escape their winter and enjoy our mild winter climate and great fishing.

The kingfish have continued to be in prime winter condition and every trip we've produced consistent good winter fishing.


Some good bites on jigs have added some flavour to the usual style of soaking livebaits over winter, and we should see some more good jigging action over the next few weeks.


Pictured here is Bernie who nabbed a nice double of big kings his biggest on the day going 27k. Nice work bro!  Check more from Tonys recent trips here


>Fishing Report 18 Aug 2013

While its winter styles the fishing at the Aldies is still top quality with some very nice conditioned winter kingfish holding deep.

Check Tobys report latest report here for some very nice sized winter kingfish

>Fishing Report 9 Aug 2013

Another fishing legend joined Epic Adventures this week, with Aussie league legend Andrew "ET" Ettingshausen spending two days filming one of his "Escape with ET" shows aboard Gamechaser chasing kingis out wide and snapper in around the many washes of the coastline and islands.

Young Tairua lad Jack Zimmerman turned into the star of the show, invited to be part of a kids segment for the show and hoping to catch his first ever kingi he stepped up to the plate and nailed a swag of kingis between 14kg and 21 kg.

It was awesome to have ET on board and he was buzzing at the fishery and coastline we've got here in our back yard.

>Fishing Report 1 Aug 2013

Carl and Tony were honoured to have legendary fishing writer Mark Kitteridge from NZ Zealand Fishing News out this week, and you will have to wait and read the story, but the biggest kingi to hit the decks of Epic was the result estimated at 40kg. What a hog of a fish great stuff Mark!!



>Fishing Report 29 July 2013

The winter style fishing continues with most of the fish turning up for a hot afternoon bite, Toby reports here that most of the bait has been over the kelp at the moment and he's had some good fishing off the tip of Red Merc with a nice patch of kingis playing ball and some good snapper amongst them

>Fishing Report 25 July 2013

The last couple of weeks has been pretty typical winter fishing on Epic, with quality fish, and a very distinct bite time each day.

The kingfish that we've been getting have by and large been very nice fat barrell sized fish, and generally you have been able to set your clock by a 1 oclock bite time, which is great, you can load the livie tank up, hunt down where the biat is holding in the deep and then be at the right place when the kingfish come on the bite and generally be rewarded with some very nice fish.

Anthony pictured above was rewarded with one of the nicer fish of the last few weeks in the mid to late 20's as was female angler Casey with her first kegger kingfish.

It hasn't only been kingfish chasing the livies, some very nice snapper have been hammering the live mackeral as well, including this beaut 8.5kg fish.

The Aldie pins were the place to be mid month, but over the last week we've found a very nice patch of kingfish harrassing bait straight off Red Merc.

For the latest report check Tonys pics and run down from the last two weeks trips on Epic here

>Fishing Report 21 July 2013

The winter fishing continues to be really good, with some nice still days over the last week and plenty of good sized fish biting.

Blair was back and into some nice fish on jigs as deep as 170m.

Check Tobes report from the last week on Sanity here

>Fishing Report 15 July 2013

It might be the middle of winter but the fish are still biting hard, kingfish, snapper and hapuku are all in great condition and its a good time of year to go for all of these species. 

The last month has seen some very nice barrel sized kingfish turning up in the deep and some nice hapuku turning up on some of the reefs where we catch our kingis.

There have also been some nice kingfish in around the bait schools nice and close to Whitianga like the one pictured here, offering some fun close to home.

Check out Tobys latest report for pics from his last month on Sanity out of Whitianga here

>Fishing Report 3 July 2013

What an Epic week on the water! The sun came out to shine, a big high floated over the North Island and the last weekend saw a crazy bite on the kingfish with some many big kingfish over the 20k mark released to fight another day.

Just goes to show that when everything lines up in winter its just a cool time to be on the water!

As you can see from the pics the kingfish are in great condition and a few are already showing signs of being roed up.

Should be some very cool fishing over the next couple of months, especially on deep drifted livies, but winters a time to try all sorts.

Check Tonys report from more pics here

>Fishing Report 30 June

We may be coming to the middle of winter but the fishing is red hot.

We've had some pretty special kingi fishing out of Tairua the last few weeks.

A lot of the fish the last few trips have come from reasonably deep foul, round the 100m mark but there's been some very nice fish, and some days have seen wide open bites and plenty of big fat kingfish released to fight another day.

Pictured here is Savs with a very nice kingfish of 25kg from the Aldie Pins, and another nice fish for Jean Paul Bui from New Caledonia.

For more pics and a report from Carls last few trips check here

>Fishing Report 19 June

Wow - what a way to start June!  Plenty of big kingfish, and there has been some really varied fishing since late May through to now with the a good patch of fish turning up in the shallows, as well as some quality fish deep drifting live baits in 100m+.

Nothing quite beats the squeel of the reel when you are winter fishing as you know its going to be a big one and usually you are fishing your baits hard near the bottom so there is not a lot of room for error!

Well done to all the crews that came away with keggers or fish the in 20k+, there were plenty of them and the next few months should see some more fun fishing for kingis.

Check here for more pics and report from Tonys last few weeks on the water

>Fishing Report 6 June

Australian TV Show Mark Berg has been with us for the last week with another lucky angler and a challenge that including kingies from the boat, trout on the fly and LBG snapper. Mark reckons its one of the best double episodes they've shot, we won't ruin the suprise as to how the lucky angler faired but heres our LBG guide Owen with an 11kg snapper he snagged during filming!  Epic!

>Fishing Report 3 June

Theres been big some big kings round the last week anda great example is this beaut Aron Mckeown snagged at Cuvier that went 27.6kg. 

Coupled with some mad action at the Mercs its been a hell of a week.

Check Tobes report here for some of the very cool pics from on board Sanity

>Fishing Report 2 June2013

When you get the man behind NZ's biggest fishing website on the boat you certainly hope you have a good day.

Well what transpired on one of the trips this week when we had Grant Blair from the NZ fishing website on board was something out of the bag!

We struck some crazy shallow water action around Ohinau with most fish in the 20 - 30kg mark, including these two late 20kg models to Aidan and Adrian.

The fish were all hooked on slow trolled lives over the shallow foul and the hit and fights were incredible! 

There was also some epic surface takes on stickbaits.

Theres been a few puka around too and more of these should start making their way into the shallows a little closer to the kingi action as the water cools.

The kingi action out wide has still been pretty consistent with good catches at both Red Merc aka s block and the Aldie pins

For more check out Carls report here


>Fishing Report 27 May

The good weather and good fishing continues out the back of Cuvier with some primo snapper beating the kingfish to the baits with many around 6kg and biggest on Sanity this last week going 11kg

Dead baits have been working just as well as live at times on the kingis - you just never know and the fish of the week on Sanity, this nice 25kg kingfish for Dave Ryder, was taken on a cube of maccie!

Scott Tam was back from Aussies and got into a nice line of snapper and kingfish on his two days fishing here.

For more pics check out Tobys report here

>Fishing Report 24 May

We've been very fortunate to have Sami Omari from the Australian fishing magazine Fishing World fishing with us over the last week.

We got a mixed bag of weather but managed to get Sami on to some sweet fishing and he got his arms well and truly stretched and got plenty of winding in ;-)

We started off at the Aldie Pins where we gave Sami a dose of some thumping big kings and Carl managed a PB snapper.

From there Sami joined the action on a charter and we nailed some more nice kings and snapper at the Aldies before making the most ofa pretty mean bite offRed Merc.

Then we jetted down south to Mayor to show Sami whats on offer down that way, and prospected some of the deep knolls for some Bluenose, they'd dropped off the side of the knolls so not as thick as the last few trips but still managed Sami a PB Bluenose of 20kg.

Awesome to have one of fishings super nice guys on the boat again. Check some more pics from Samis few days on Epic and Gamechaser here and watch out for Samis article soon.


>Fishing Report 23 May

Cuvier and Red Merc have really fired up over the last two weeks and Tobes has been having some fun up there with clients aboard Sanity.

The kingis have been jig hungry which is great to see!  The snapper have been pretty thick and hitting livebaits on the deeper reefs.

Shannon Stocks from Te Aroha took out second in his local comp with a primo snapper!

While the water has cooled down there have still been a few marlin sightings around the boat.

For plenty of epic pics from Tobes and his latest report check it out here

>Fishing Report 21 May

It has been a great run of trips lately aboard Epic, and its been nice to have the bait tanks all loaded before the engine is turned on, with plenty of bait at the Tairua wharf at the moment.

Jigs have also been firing very well but its all good having some fail safe jack macks in the tank to fire down to the kingfish.

The Aldie Pins have delivered some monster kingfish, and these two lucky ladies opposite have been amongst those nailing some trophy fish.

Tash from Blue Water Motel came out and had to sit down to hold one of the biggest kingis to grace the decks this year, well over 30kg, a few pics then this trophy fish was released to fight another day!

Over the last week or so the kingfish have gone a bit deeper and the darling of last year a little rock that Tony found this time last year - dubbed S Block has fired up again.

We've been getting kingfish as deep as 220m, with the odd puka thrown in amongst them, like this very nice one for Cres at the hook yesterday.

If a barrell sized kingfish is what you are after with some other goodies like puka and snapper thrown in are what you are after then the next few months are the time to come and get amongst it.

Check Tonys report and pics here for the lowdown on the last few weeks trips aboard Epic.


>Fishing Report 19 May

Our Epic landbased guide Owen Wills has been smashing some very nice fish from the bricks at the top of the Coromandel Peninsula lately.

Right now we are going into prime time for chasing big snapper and fish from the stones.

The smaller snapper have taken off leaving the big moochas in around the kelp, right at your feet, and they just love coming right up a good burley trail.

Big fresh baits at the ticket for the big snapper as Mindi found out on her honeymoon, nailing a nice line of snapper that were released to fight another day.

Owen had a couple of boys up from the Naki and a 22kg kingi off the bricks, and snapper to over 8kg were the result - well worth the drive aye fellas!

If catching a big snapper is on your bucket list then a couple of days out with Owen chasing some fish from the bricks in one of the most stunning parts of New Zealand is a great way to acheive that goal.

Owen has a few more pics in his report here

>Fishing Report 16 May

We love Autumn!

Big kingfish, plenty of snapper thrown in, and loads of live bait before the key is even turned on at the Tairua wharf - choice!  

Peter Wright and his mates smashed over some big kings on their NZ kingi trip this week - this brute of a fish made for one very happpaaay angler on Gamechaser for Norm.

Steve Soley was back for some more Epic NZ action with his mate Scott in tow this year, joining two different casuals each trip and was rewarded with plenty of green and gold machines like this one.

Plenty more pics in Carls report here


>Fishing Report 13 May

The boys have been doing a few trips down to the mighty Mayor Island from Tairua lately.

The results have been pretty choice, with some nice kingfish from the deeper reefs and some very big bluenose hitting the decks as well.

The Bluenose have been anywhere from 250m ++ but some of the best results have been anywhere up to 400m - thats a whole lot of winding!

Regular Graham 'Boulder' McKenzie netted this 28kg model from the boys last trip down there on a cube of mackeral caught from Tairua wharf that morning.

Carl and Tonys first trip of the bluenose season saw a new PB Bluenose for Carl of 37kg, caught on a livebait sent down to 350m+.

The boys have also been having a shot for a daytime sword and Tony's rig has been working sweet as for getting the baits down to 500m tangle free and the boys had their first bite, just a matter of time before one hits the deck!

Check some more photos from the Bluenose missions here



>Fishing Report 3 May 2013

The autumn kingfish action has been fast and furious, with some good fishing north and sout. Tobes has been getting into it at both the Aldies and Cuvier, with some very nice kingfish on both jigs and livies and some fat snapper to add to the mix too.

Check his report from the last few weeks here

>Fishing Report 19 Apr 2013

Brett and the Tech 5 crew were out for another charter on Gamechaser and what was supposed to be a kingi trip turned into an epic marlin battle when a chunky striped marlin wolfed down a live yakka on 100lb leader, Jigging Master Ocean devil rod and JM PE5 reel.

The angler Rangi Williams did an awesome job on the rod and reel and eventually a 135kg striped marlin was boated!

The boys went on to get some very nice kingfish on the charter  as well.

Check out Carls report from and epic day aboard Gamechaser here

>Fishing Report 17 Apr 2013

Its coming into that season where epic sized snapper lurk into close to the rocks, and Owen our landbased guide has been getting some cracker snapper.

Mike Hobbs came up from Christchurch and nailed and 8.5 and 6.5 kg snapper in the same outing with Owen. Well done Mike!

>Fishing Report 16 Apr2013

Awesome weather, great customers, and big fat kingfish on the chew! What more can you ask for!

Its been an awesome week of fishing action, and fish like this caught by Mark Edwards caught aboard Gamechaser on a corporate trip for BNZ this this week is what its all about. Check Carl's report from the last weeks action here

>Fishing Report 15 Apr2013

A great patch of kingfish chomping jigs and livebaits at the Aldie Pins has meant a lot of fun for anglers aboard Sanity.  Jono from Adelaide managed to take full advantage of that releasing over 80 kingis in 6 days!  Nice work!

Check out Tobys report and pics from the last week here

>Fishing Report 14 Apr2013

Another cracker week of big kingfish aboard Epic, and this donkey is no exception!  There's a wee bit of a story behind this fish too with an angler getting a wee bit of a dunking from a kingfish on the same trip :-)

Check Tonys report from some choice kingi action aboard Epic here

>Fishing Report 7 Apr2013

Been some nice snaps swimming round amongst the kingis and they're suckers for fresh maccas!

The kingi bite is still mental as and anglers aboard Sanity have exprienced some outstanding fishing.

Check Tobys report here

>Fishing Report 3 Apr2013

The last week has seen one of the craziest kingfish bites on jigs ever!  The jigging has just been off the chart with triples and quads of barrel sized kingis the norm! Still marlin around too and Tony got a nice stripey boatside this week.

Andrew aka Demo pictured here with a nice kingi taken on a JM rocket aboard Epic. Check out Tonys report here

>Fishing Report 31 Mar 2013

March is traditionally a month where there are plenty of kingfish on the bite, and the last few weeks have certainly lived up to that reputation - then some!

Check Tobys report out from the last few weeks of fishing charters out of Whitianga on Sanity and some cool pics from his recent kingi trips here

>Fishing Report 26 Mar 2013

The last few days have produced some more big barrel sized kingfish aboard Epic! 

This visiting Swiss fresh water angler got a taste of what salt water fishing is all about when he hooked into a 30kg brute yesterday!

Female angler Grayson pictured as well with another very fat kingfish.

Livebaits have been the ticket to some very awesome action on these big kingfish, but jigging is producing some very nice fish as well.

Check Tony's report from a couple of days on some barrell sized kingfish and some more pics here

>Fishing Report 23 Mar 2013

It was an Epic two boat charter today with eight guys out to do battle with some greeen and gold brutes, split into two teams of four on Epic and Gamechaser and plenty of banter between the two boats. With a great bite there were 60 odd fishfish released, regular Mike Brunt pictured here accounting for 13 of them on the day including this nice fish, check the full report from a fun day out fishing here

>Fishing Report 21 Mar 2013

There's been some pretty special fishing over the last few weeks as the kingfish bite has gone mental out wide.

Warmer than usual temps for this time of year, and the days getting shorter equals kingis going ballistic!

Its been great to see plenty of anglers from US and UK over for fishing charters joining the Aussies and Kiwis in some of this crazy action

We've been picking off some nice fish in the shallows to warm the arms up then heading out wide to really stretch them on the big fat barrels.

Check Carl's report out from some of the kingi action on Gamechaser here


>Fishing Report 16 Mar 2013

The Epic summer continues! With a predominant easterly pattern the good water and currents have kept the kingfish biting in big numbers and solid fish too. Amongst them theres been some nice puka like this 30 odd kilo fish to visiting angler Shabs. Check Tony's report here for the latest action on Epic

>Fishing Report 9 Mar 2013

Murdoch Groves from Australia and his mates and family have just finished an Epic four dayer.

The kings were smashing jigs and liveys left right and centre. Murdoch smashed the two biggest fish of the trip himself, the biggest coming on one of our trusty livey hooks to Murdoch a nice king pushing 30k, the other coming the very first drop of the trip on a JM rocket jig.

The boys smashed plenty of big kingfish and finished the trip with lashings on NZ seafood, including some very juicy Mercs scallops! 

Check the trip photos and report from their trip with Tony and Carl on Epic here

>Fishing Report 5 Mar 2013

The run of epic kingi and snapper action continues.

Just take a look at the latest report from Toby here, with anglers from around the globe getting into some wicked fishing.

As well as some quality snapper and kingi fishing, there are a few marlin lurking around too, two days ago one of Tobys crew hooked a marlin on a macca livie after a marlin chased a kingi into the boat only for the hook to pull out 40 minutes in.

With awesome blue water, nice current and plenty of fish biting hard the stunning summer fishing should continue well into autumn.

Check more pics and report from the last couple of weeks on Sanity here

>Fishing Report 24 Feb 2013

February has continued to produce some Epic kingi fishing!

With Tony and Carl off gamefishing in a couple of comps, Owen and Roy took made a great team for a week aboard Epic, and put the clients on to some choice fishing.  Owen aka Bush Billy showing he's just as much at home on board Epic as he is guiding people on to big fish off the bricks!

Amy pictured here with a very nice 25kg kingi  from the Aldie Pins, and another cracker from the G spot which is firing at present.

Over the week there was some great fishing both on the kingfish and some big snapper lurking in the deep with a good bin of snapper each day as well. Check Owens full report here


>Fishing Report 21 Feb 2013

With a few days earmarked off to chase some marlin Carl, Tony and good mate Ants snuck off with Gamechaser to Hokianga at the Far North of NZ's west coast for a few days chasing striped marlin, where word had it there was a good marlin bite.

The boys found no shortage of fish lol - ten odd marlin bites, but just the one sticking - always learning!

Ants bagging a nice stripey - while hes caught plenty of marlin this was his first NZ marlin, so well worth the trip, and it certainly opened the boys eyes to what a cool fishery Hokianga is - we'll be back for sure and can't wait! 

>Fishing Report 15 Feb 2013

February has been a cracker of a month for kingfish, and there has been some biggies amongst them including this cracker of a kingfish from the Aldies pins.

JIgs have been working OK, but the majority coming on livebaits baits, especially the bigger fish..

Bait has been pretty easy pickings in the bay, and the odd nice kingi on the lught gear in amongst the bait schools of makkas.

The odd nice puka has been a welcome bycatch, including this nice puka for Jezza from the Mercs on a livey.

For more pics and reports from recent trips on Sanity check Tobys report here



>Fishing Report 11 Feb 2013

Here's something a little different for ya!  Simon Milne has just been on one of our new Epic Road Trips! 

Simon and his mate Pete, toured through the North Island checking out the best of what NZ has to offer.

Simon started off in Turangi chasing flyfishing for trout with guide Karl Sawyer, and nailed plenty of trout including this beaut 8lb brown.

Then it was off the the remote far north of the Coromandel Peninsula chasing some kingfish and snapper LBG styles with Owen our LBG guide. 

The fish of this leg of the journey was a beaut 8.5kg head thumping snapper.

Then it was back to Epic HQ for a dose of our traditional fare, back to back arm stretching NZ kingfish action!

Simon and Pete released 30 odd kingis between them on the last day to cap off an epic trip!

Great to have you back after five years Simon!  Check the full report from the boys here

>Fishing Report 9 Feb 2013

An Epic 30th birthday bash for long time customer Sam Stringfield whos been fishing with us regularly for over 5 years!Sam's and a bunch of his mates fished on Epic's Gamechaser in the New Zealand Marlin skins held by renowned lure maker 'Bonze'

The last day of the tournament was Sams 30th birthday and it turned out to be one he'll never forget, him and his mates smashed over some nice kingfish first thing, and then an hour later we had a couple of striped marlin in the gear, with Sam on strike he went on to tag a nice striped marlin just off the Aldermen Islands in 100m of water. Check the full report from the tourny here


>Fishing Report 2 Feb 2013

Carl and Tony have blooded the new Senator - Gamechaser, on a road trip to New Zealand's game fishing mecca - Waihau Bay.

Two hours in the boys hooked a Blue Marlin, which initially came up on the Bonze Volcano teaser, and then bit the Bonze Hercules and unfortunately the boys pulled the hook on it after an hour planing it up from the deep.

The next day the same Bonze Hercules in Taniwha pattern got bit, Carl played a 103kg striped marlin and this one came home for eating. A great way to break in the new boat before a few weeks marlin fishing begins back on the Coromandel.  Check the guys full story from Waihau here

>Fishing Report 21 Jan 2013

Over the New Year we launched the third vessel on our booking calendar. Gamechaser is a 760 Senator Typhoon with a F250 Yamaha and Furuno Navnet Time Zero Touch. She will initially be based out of Tairua doing fishing charters but the idea is she will travel over time to where the fishing is hot and so some epic road trips! She has been put through her paces over the last couple of weeks as we get used to her and produced some sweet fishing!

Graham Timms was hell bent on a puka that would settle a score with a mate, and he well topped the mark with a 36.14kg puka!

Next day Andy Pryor, along with his old man Owen slammed some mean puka as well on the Accurate Slammer, the guys on the charter went home with some very nice hapuka.

We've been catching all these puka on the same rigs we fish for kingfish on, using the Epic livebait hooks available on our online shop.

The kingfish have been big and fat and Andrius and his Russian mates were one of the first crews on board and hit a crazy bite with most of the fish on the day 20kg and over, just choice fishing.

Gamechaser has also done its first five dayer, with Aussie crew of Manny, Bob, Nick, Pete and Karim nailing some nice fish along with some good light tackle fun in the Mercury Bay and the boats first dive with some seriously fat Opito Bay scallops.

Check out all the pics from their trip on Carl's report from the last few weeks

With the good water now arriving and some marlin turning up it'll be time to go and put a marlin on the deck soon! 

>Fishing Report 18 Jan 2013

Tonys been having a top few weeks on the kingfish out of Tairua and the Aldermen Islands with an awesome line of big fish hitting the deck.

A regular crew from Japan were first up and nailed some big fish all on jigs.  These guys come armed to the hilt with all sorts of new jigs the kingfish have not seen and together with a unique style of jigging they seem to nail a very nice line of fish and the boys got well and truly railed!

By and large the rest of the fish have been on livies, with some very crazy bites after each of the onshore blows, then the fish turnying abit finnicky on the bite once the weather settles or the current goes away. Even on those days though there have been some big fat NZ kingfish hitting the decks.

Regular Wayne Henson was out with Tony yesterday and him and his crew nailed a some donkeys, Wayne was tickled pink with the Makaira reel he nailed this fish on.

Check Tonys full report from his last few weeks on the water out of Tairua here



>Fishing Report 16 Jan 2013

Tobes has been having a ball on Sanity the last few weeks with plenty of big kingfish and the odd puka failling victim to the big makkas that have been coming out of the Mercury bay outside of Whitianga.

Johnnie and Andy from the OPC mussel plant were out for their annual trip with us and just like last year nailed some very nice fish, included this doozy of a kingfish for Johnnie.

Regulars Grant, Geoff and crew enjoyed a sunny day out at Cuvier, and this nice puka was one of the rewards of the day.

January 2013 has been pretty crazy as far as the quality  of kingfish goes, and there have been plenty of big kingfish have been captured and released, a few photos, then the fish going back to fight another day!

There has been a good patch of bait and plenty of smaller kingfish inside the bay which have been giving anglers some good fun on light tackle.

For more check Tobys full report and pics out here

>Fishing Report 4 Jan 2013

Summers here and in full swing! Josh from Smart Marine and some buddies were om board to see the New Year in on Sanity and nailed some nice kings as Toby reports from the last weeks action here.  There's stacks of bait to be caught in the bay at present, some nice kings amongst them and theres been some choice bites on the kingis out at the pins in the last few days.

>Fishing Report 1 Dec 2012

Its been two awesome weeks on the water out of Tairua, capped off with a pretty special day today with Carl's Dad and Uncles on the water and Neil Muir pictured opposite nabbing the honours for the day with a 25kg kingfish.  A lot of kingfish are moving inshore and we've been having some fun fishing stickbaits as well, not to mention some big fat scallops - check out an epic report from Carl and Tony here

>Fishing Report Nov 14 2012

Water temps are on the increase, some of the kings are showing signs they have already spawned and that means a lot of fish will turn up inshore soon.  The jigging and livebaiting has still been hot and plenty of triples of kingfish being caught like this one here. Check Tobes report of whats been going on on Sanity here

>Fishing Report Nov 11 2012

November is shaping up to be a cracker month for kingis with the consistency of the kingfishing matching or exceeding what we come to expect during the usual hot month of October.

The big fish keep coming and with all these bigger ones released to fight another day, they'll be back!!

Visiting Aussie angler Mark nabbed this awesome 28 kg kingfish on his first day of his five day Epic Adventure yesterday.

Con and the boys from Aus had some awesome kingi fishing as well, along with an inshore day testing out the new Trigger X softbaits from Shimano NZ, Con nailing this sweet snapper from the shallow foul north of Boat Harbour.

Check the full report report here

>Fishing Report Oct 31 2012

The tail end of October saw some more great kingfish action!

We had a great of 8 Aussie guys here for a week getting in 5 or their 7 days booked! A great sign the weather is settling. 

Jigs worked just as well as livies for them, and the jigging has been as good as ever lately with the run of fresh spring fish turning up.  As far as jig colour goes - any jig as long as its blue will see you right!

As well as surface action on lures, floating livies have been producing as many fish at times as baits mid water, like this very nice fish to female angler Nadia Williams.

For more info and plenty of pics of solid fish from the last few weeks of Epic check Carl and Tonys report here

>Fishing Report Oct 27 2012

October continues to be a superb month for catching kingfish! We've had a few crews over from Aussie lately and as Tobes details in his latest report, they've got into some epic action!  Jim from Sydney is pictured here with horse kingfish from the Aldies, estimated at 35kg before being released. Check the full report here

>Fishing Report Oct 9 2012

What a first week of October we've had!

Mick from Aussie turned up and got into some awesome kingi action and tucked into some crayfish as well, pictured below with a nice crayfish just around the coroner from Tairua.

The XOS spring kingfish have turned up well and truly and Jarrod is pictured here with a 27kg model from a trip where the Kiwi FIshing boys came out and did some product testing of the OTI rods and reels, two big kingfish in the late twenties plus a run of very nice fish released as well.

October would have to be the pick of the months to fish for kingfish so if you want some big fish like this nab some dates for 2013 NOW!

Owen who has been doing a bit of decking for us recently is setting up to guide for us up the far north of the Coromandel landbased.

I got up for a look at what the snapper fishing was like up there with him, and a 9.6, 8.2 and 6.2 snapper off the bricks in one day...it doesn't get too much better than that.  If you're keen on some landbased action for big snapper to mix up with your epic trip to NZ just let us know. Check the full report and pic here

>Fishing Report Oct 8 2012

Spring is hitting its straps and with it some awesome kingfish action is out the at the moment.

Adam is over at the moment on a multi day kingfish charter on Sanity and nailed this beaut fish yesterday. Check out obys report from the last couple of weeks here

>Fishing Report Sep 28 2012

What a very cool time to be fishing!  The surface action has gone crazy with big fish and big bust ups!

Pictured here are two Radio Networks boys with two kingfish taken from a double on surface casting lures at the Aldermen Pins - just awesome visual fishing! Check the full report including one of the craziest days in the last six months here

>Fishing Report Sep 19 2012

Its top water time! 

We've had the kings crusiing high the last week off the Mercs and Matty and the Aussie boys accounted for some nice kings on stickbaits, livies and jigs on their Epic four dayer  over the last week.

Check out Toby's reports and pics here

>Fishing Report Sep 12 2012

The equinox has thrown us some foul weather the last two weeks, but we've still managed a fair few charters and the Aldermen Islands and Mecury Pins have been producing some solid fish. Willy is pictured here with a nice Aldermen kingfish from a charter for Simon and the Welly boys. Check out the report from Tony here

>Fishing Report 30 Aug 2012

The hot bite at Red Merc continues, with some wicked fishing, the Kiwi Fishing boys were back this week for another blast and released 40 in a day.

Aussie snowboarder Viet Tran pictured here snuck a few days of fishing for kingfish into his NZ snowboarding holiday and was rewarded with some great jigging. Click here for more pics and Tobes latest

>Fishing Report 25 Aug 2012

The last two weeks have been full of EPICNESS! Awesome kingi sessions out wide with a hint of spring in them ;-), some wicked shallow water action and we even snuck a bit of pig hunting into the mix!

This 27k kingfish was nabbed yesterday close to Red Merc, check the full report from the last two weeks aboard Epic here

>Fishing Report 10 July2012

The first two weeks of August have seen some choice mid winter fishing.  Deacs came on one of our very first Epic Adventures and since then seems to nudge his PB up a notch every time doing it again this trip, out testing some of Kiwi Fishing's gear.  Plenty more kingfish madness has ensued over the last few weeks, check the full report and diary here

>Fishing Report 23 July 2012

The big winter fish keep on rolling in. 

Some more big kings and puka hit the decks of Sanity - Richard nailing this beaut 28kg kingfish from the Hook off Red Mercury.

Prospecting a bit deeper this time of year can produce some nice big fish!

Ange nailed this big fat hapuku from the Aldermen Pins.

To top off a crazy three weeks Tobes hooked a marlin - in 15 degrees of water in the middle of winter on a live mackeral put down for a kingfish!

Check his full report here


> Fishing Report 15 July 2012

BOOM! Omar Charide from Sydney nailed this 32kg kingfish on Epic this week on a spear jig, 50lb braid and 200gm jig rod!  A great catch!  The boys were fairly new to kingi fishing and did a one day charter before their NZ snowboarding trip!  The kingi was released to fight another day. Theres been some more great kingi catches the last two weeks check out Carl and Tony's report here

> Fishing Report 1 July 2012

To cap off an awesome run off fish in June, the last weekend saw some more big Aldies kingfish and hapuka hit the decks

Mark from Christchurch got this monster kingfish on Sanity, a super fish which had him squeeling!

The next day Ruvuan snagged a very nice Hapuka from amongst the kingfish bite.

Check Tobes report here

We've got plenty of mid week spots coming up so get in touch if you'd like to get into some of this action.

> Fishing Report 30 June 2012

What an epic month June has shaped up to be this year!

We have had some outstanding fishing considering we are now in the middle of our NZ winter.

There's a few highlight fish from the last few weeks on Epic.

There are some nice big snapper lurking in the shallows and Stefan Hanson from Fishabout in Sydney got this awesome big snapper at Hot Water Beach.

The nice snapper was caught on a Gulp 5" Nuclear Chicken.

Some big hapuka have been coming onto the offshore reefs and we've had a few over the magic 30K mark in the last two weeks, including this nice one caught on a Ocean Mark reel testing day.  An epic sized hapuka!

We've had some awesome kingi fishing too on both livies and jigs.   Pink spike and white Alien being the two hot jigs.

We've got some fish up to 20k in around the bait grounds and out wide the fish are skulking pretty deep but there is still been a long line of kingfish released each day.

It has been great to have some long time regulars scoring some nice fish on board, and one of those such catches was Graham McKeznie aka Boulder nailing a nice 30kg hapuka with us last weekend.

So all in all a choice few weeks on Epic, check the full report and plenty more photos from the last two weeks here

> Fishing Report 24 June 2012

Some more epic fishing action aboard Sanity this month.  Day tripper Tony took out fish of the day this Saturday with this nice kingfish.

In Tobes latest Whitianga report here you will see theres been some more light tackle fun in the Bay and some nice kings coming from both Cuvier and the Aldies

> Fishing Report 10 June 2012

The days following the full moon have provided some exceptional fishing the last few days. Kingfish have been feasting up large with yesterday seeing 50 fish released in the course of the day. Some nice hapuka have hit the deck the last couple of days as well including this nice fish to regular Epic client Mike Rixon. Check the full report from the last few days of Epic here

> Fishing Report 5 June 2012

We've had a great run of trips on Epic lately and some big kings!  Jigs have been working well as you'll see in the latest report and some nice fish have fallen to jigs over the last few weeks.  Queens Birthday weekend was a cracker weather wise as you can see by this pic and some big fish in the mid 20's made it even better! Check heaps more pics from the last few weeks and a cool vid from Pierre and the boys from the epic 5 dayer here

> Fishing Report 31 May 2012

Its been a May of full sized kingfish, with great fishing for kings both in close and out wide, but one of the highlights has been some pretty special fishing just minutes away from Whitianga.  Kiwi Pete Gregory pictured here with a king in the 20's taken from 5m of water near Simpsons.

Theres been plenty of Aussies over doing battles with our kingfish on multi dayers too, check Tobes full report from Mays action on Sanity here

> Fishing Report 13 May 2012

An epic sized report here, with plenty of kingfish from two 3 dayer Aussie trips and a whole lot of one dayers as well, Tony guiding most of the trips with Carl away for a week guiding some regulars on a Three Kings trip.

Simon Skelton pictured here with a solid kingfish from a client hosting trip from the Aldermen Islands

For more of the hot Autumn action check the full report from aboard Epic here

> Fishing Report 6 May 2012

The superb autumn bite continues with a great bite of kingfish out wide, coupled with some superb kingi fishing in the shallows around the inshore Mercury Bay bait schools as well.

Brett Meyer pictured here with a very nice kingfish taken on a corporate fishing trip.

Check Tobes latest report here

> Fishing Report 26 Apr 2012

What a cool couple of weeks!

We were lucky to have Team Xzoga from Malaysia and Singapore over and it was a ball fishing for them.

Sailfish captains Sky amnd Steven Chong knocked over plenty of kings, including the beauty opposite to Sky.

We've had an awesome run of autumn kingfish, the majority released to fight another day.

Aussie lads James, Chad and crew had a blinder of a three dayer this week with countless mutiple hook ups each day and solid fish, Chad here with one of the many beauties he landed and released.

Check out some video action from the last few weeks, a full report and photos here

> Fishing Report 23 Apr 2012

Tobes has been having some fun on Sanity, some great kingi action and a few puka and snapper thrown in to.

Regular Russ pictured here with a nice puka taken from Cuvier.

The Mercury Bay just out from Whitianga has been loaded with bait and some fun kingi action on the light gear before heading out to the monsters at the Alderman islands or Cuvier.

The last week has seen some epic action on livebaits with a great run of kingfish through each day.

Check out more of Tobes April pics and report from recent trips here

> Fishing Report 15 Apr 2012

Jigs have been the killer kingfish weapons over the last few weeks with a really good run of kingfish on jigs.

The white Jigging Master Alien jig has been the best of the bunch accounting for plenty of quality Aldermen Pins kingfish, most of which have been released to fight another day.

Pictured opposite is Kylie from ReelFishChix with a fat Aldies kingfish taken last Friday and Steve from Aussie with a nice on an Action jig at Castle sland earlier last week.

The fishing has got progressively better through the week to boiling point over the weekend, with some of the day charters releasing 40 odd fish in a day, and most on jigs. 

Check the full report from Carl and Tony on Epic here

> Fishing Report 31 Mar 2012

The deeper reefs off Cuvier Is have fished very well throughout March and here Tobes has a report from his March kingi trips.

Craig and the Ozzie boys had a great two day at Cuvier with the opposite kegger of a kingfish taken up there.

Most of the bigger fish have been taken on livies but as you will see from the report jigs are working pretty well too, especially pink jigs.

Colin pictured opposite also had a great day at Cuiver mid March with a couple of solid fish in the 20's like the kingfish opposite.

There are still gamefish around, one of the crews had a marlin come in and buzz them while they were kingi fishing.

Check Tobes full report from Sanity's March trips here


> Fishing Report 28 Mar 2012

A few weeks of awesome weather and epic fishing!  The kingfish have gone crazy at the pins on jigs, the Bluenose have gone off their rocker at Mayor and some tasty hapuku and snapper to boot!

Jamie and the Singapore fishos were back for another multi day Epic fishing trip. 

Two days on Epic and they slayed the Bluenose to 21kg on jigs, nice kings to 20kg at the Aldies and Mayor and a nice hapuku to boot.

Ben is pictured here with a nice king on jig from the Aldies (G Spot), Loius with a solid puka from the hook, and Phoebe with a monster Bluenose from Mayor.

It topped off a good few weeks with some crazy days releasing 50 kingfish in a day at the Aldies of late on a few of our day kingfish charters.

Right now is a great time for variety, with some awesome kingfish jigging topped with plenty of other species on offer, espec for multi day trips.

Carl and Tony have an epic report for you to check out from the last few weeks here

> Fishing Report 19 Mar 2012

The NZ weather gods have challenged us a bit over the last two weeks but when we've got out the fishing has been epic!

Greg Mailman was over from Oz and while we were blown out on the East coast, Tony towed Epic over to the west coast of Coromandel Peninsula and managed to put Greg on to a big 25kg kingfish - a great result in the conditions.

We had our first group of Turkish anglers over who got some nice kingfish on jigs at the Aldermen Pins, and then Huharrem and the boys smashed the Bluenose on jigs at the Mayor Knolls. This is always one of the best times to catch fish on jigs.


For more reports check Tony's report from the last two weeks here


> Fishing Report 3 Mar 2012

With a crew of avid jig fishermen onboard Epic this week, it seemed an ideal time to go a little wide of Mayor Island and track down some Bluenose.  They luuurv jigs, and they'd have to be one of the tastiest fish, you've gotta be keen on winding though you won't get them in much less than 250m and we were dropping to 350m.

Coxy from Jigging Master Australia and Hunting Fishing Camping led a trip of keen NZ and Aussie fisho's out with us and we smashed some nice Bluenose on jigs and the boys nailed some nice kingfish on jigs through the week as well.

Stef is pictured here with the kingi of the week taken close to the back of the Aldies, very close to where we nailed some kings on stickbaits too, for the full report and photos read more here

> Fishing Report 1 Mar 2012

The last two weeks of Feb have seen a long line of epic sized kingfish hit the decks of Sanity, with some great fishing at both the Aldermen Pins, and Cuvier Island.

Livies have been producing all the quality fish over this time, while they've been a bit harder to get of late, the time spent getting livies each morning has paid off with some quality kingfish.

Tobes also had another encounter with a marlin taking a livebait  on the kingfish grounds, this time it resulted in a bust off, but it was a spectacular experience for the customers nonetheless.

Pictured opposite is Aaron with a Cuiver kingfish taken on livebait at Cuvier and Matt with a nice kingfish taken from the Aldies.

Check Tobes run down on a couple of weeks worth of kingi action here

> Fishing Report 26 Feb 2012

We've just finished a crazy week in the NZ Nationals fishing competition which has run for the last eight days coinciding with the Whitianga Marlin Classic and the Whitianga One Base. 

We've fished the tournament the last five years and it is always a good break for us to do something a little bit different fishing wise.

The crew consisted of Carl, Tony, Ants, Wayne, JP, and Ski.

The highlight was good mate Anthony Honeybone who has fished every Nationals with us getting a 106 kg Big Eye Tuna!  It was one hell of a fight and we had to scramble back to just get in for the 5pm weigh in that day.

The Big Eye took a Bonze Darter lure on the shotgun.  Epic Adventures took out the Tuna section of the NZ Nationals and Anthony got Champion angler overall and line class for the tuna section of the Nationals as well as the Carol Atwood Trophy for most meritorious tuna.

Wayne Henson, a regular who came with us to hopefully nab his first marlin and he managed to tick that off the list 2 hours into the Marlin classic and Nationals. We put a tag in this fish and it earnt us 2nd equal in the tag section on the Classic.

This striped marlin was taken in the middle ground near the Aldermen Pins on a Bonze Trojan lure.

Over the course of the three day Marlin Classic we had a few other stripeys on as well, one to JP from YeeHaa which we dropped at the boat.  The Bonze Trojan on short rigger and Azure Hayleys Comet on short corner produced these bites.

Some groundwork went in the day prior to the Nationals to find the bait, marlin and good water and with us was Woodsie and crew and Woodsie got to stick a tag in his first ever striped marlin too.

This one came on the Pakula Lumo sprocket and Woodsie did and awesome job getting the marlin to the boat in 15 minutes.

With the water still warm, lots of bait around and some full sized tuna showing up who knows what the next epic week will bring.

In the meantime check out the full report and pics from the week aboard Epic in the Nationals here


> Fishing Report 16 Feb 2012

An epic week of fishing on Sanity has been topped off with Sanity's first marlin of the season.

Aaron Ho getting a suprise when a macca livebait he was dropping for a kingi got smashed by a striped marlin.

Aaron knocked it off in style on a MC Works 516 jigging rod and Jigging Master PE5 reel.

It capped off a great day where he also caught a PB kingi.

The kingi fishing has continued on the exceptional path it has taken over the last two weeks, long may it continue.

Today saw plenty of bites on the marlin from the Hook off the Mercs down to the Aldies and with plenty of boats out in the Marlin Classic this weekend it is shaping up to be another epic week just round the corner, stay tuned.

Check out Tobes full report from the last week on Sanity here

> Fishing Report 11 Feb 2012

Its been another awesome week on Epic.  Plenty of big hard fighting kings at the Aldies scoffing livebaits and the marlin action is hotting up.  The hot gamefishing area has been the inside of Mayor Island.

Epic has had four stripeys and a blue on, with the one stripey coming to the boat, a nice stripey taken today at the Whanga trench near Mayor Island by Skirmantas, a regular with us. 

The striped marlin took the Bonze Trojan in Thriller colours.  Working a solid area of bait paid off with three shots and Ski's fish which put up an awesome aerial show for us.

Its' been another epic week on the kingfish with so many 18-25kg fish including this awesome fish to James last week.

The currents have predominatly been coming from the south which has kept the G spot at the back of the Aldies loaded with some big kings, the pins have also had good numbers of solid fish. 

For the low down on the last week and plenty of cool pics check Carl and Tony's report here

> Fishing Report 6 Feb 2012

More doubles and triples of big hard fighting Aldermen kingfish, the kingi fishing continues to be exceptional.

As you can see from Tobes latest report here the hot fishing action has not let up!

Pictured here is regular Hamish with the fish he was hoping for, and get got plenty over the course of one day on his recent fishing charter

> Fishing Report 1 Feb 2012

It has been a huge week for big kingfish.

The aptly named G spot has gone off and so have the Aldy pins, both getting swept by a strong southerly ocean current eddying up the coast and stacking the bait up for the kingfish to feast hard on.

There have been some monster fish like this one which went 30k to Mark Saunders from Tauranga and a solid mid 20k fish to young fella Sam - one of many kings landed by young lads recently

Once everyone has had enough kingi action we've been wetting the lures and have had another four marlin shots since last weeks stripey, all in the 140m - 100m line north of the Aldies.

For the latest report and pics from recent day trips on Epic from Carl and Tony click here

> Fishing Report 31 Jan 2012

Its been a great week for big kingfish on Sanity.

Brad from De Coro is pictured here with a solid kingfish taken from the back of the Aldermen Islands, theres been a long line of these prime kingfish.

For more pics and an epic video from a blinder day this week check Tobes report here

> Fishing Report 24 Jan 2012

Our first marlin for the season was landed today, aboard Epic with Tony guiding his first multi day trip from Australia on to some awesome fishing!!

Not only did the boys get into some fantastic hard pulling kingfish to mid 20K's over their three day trip but the last afternoon saw them get into a mad bite on the marlin and getting 5 bites in an hour with one stripey sticking and one of the lads getting their first marlin!!

Most of the kingfish action came from a great bite on livies on the guys first day fishing, with some horses landed in the mid 20's/

The last day the kingfish were acting pretty cagey, with one monumental smokings amongst the action, but some Epic marlin action at the end of the day made up for that.  The Striped Marlin was caught on the Bonze BTK, for more check Tony's full report here



> Fishing Report23 Jan 2012

There has been some Epic fishing at the Aldies the last few days.  Awesome 20K ++ kings smashing baits and when the tide has gone slack, a few for puka for the taking as well, this primo model some nice eating for Regan and the boys.

Check Tobes full report and pics from the last week on Sanity here

> Fishing Report 21 Jan 2012

Three hot spots over the last week have been the G Spot at the Aldermen Islands, Crackerjack at the Mercs and also Cuvier.  Tobes fished all three over the last week and got good action at all as you will see in his latest report here.  Drew and Dave are pictured here with a primo double of 20K + fish taken out the back of Cuvier on Sanity last weekend.

> Fishing Report 17 Jan 2012

After six months decking for us and doing his skippers ticket at the end of last year, Tony Carpenter got the helm of Epic all to himself for four trips over the last week.  He nailed it with clients getting some awesome fish to 24kg, the highlight this awesome fish opposite. A lot of the fish have moved hard into the Aldermens, probably due to the abundance of marlin now on the outer pins! Check all the pics and report from Tony here

> Fishing Report 12 Jan 2012

With loads of bait on the coast at the moment there is some kingi fun to be had amongst the Whitianga bait schools in the morning as Tobes details in his latest report from Sanity here .  Out wide around the Aldermen Pins when the East Auckland current has been pushing good water into the outer pins some epic kingi action has been had, Paul here with  primo mid 20's kingfish taken on livie

> Fishing Report 4 Jan 2012

What and EPIC start to the year!  Not only some awesome kingfish jigging but we managed to bag a 56kg bass today!

Hobbie from Sydney was the lucky angler and nailed it on a JMPE10 reel with 100lb braid and an Amberjack Sniper JM rod.  He was seriously railed on this fish needing close to 30kg of drag to keep it from the reef.  We caught the fish out the back of Red Merc.

We've had some keen crews out over the last week, including a gun crew of Japanese jiggers who slayed it on the jigs with fish to 25kg taking jigs and a few broken rods thrown in for good measure!

These Japanese anglers sure know how to jig, a very different action and it certainly produced some fine fish during their trip.

Livebaits are easy to get at the moment right up and down the coast and are producing some quality fish, like this 24kg specimen with expat Kiwi Hunty who was back from Singapore for Xmas and nailed a nice new PB kingfish yesterday.

Along the coast with the baits schools there is some good stickbaiting and top water kingfish opportunities and we've been having some fun catching kingfish in the shallows in the morning before heading out wide jigging.

For a full report from the last two weeks and plenty more cool pics click on our full report from on board Epic here


For our previous fishing updates from Tairua
on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, click here !

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From Oct 15 - Apr 16 (our peak tourism season) we already have a number of weeks booked out with multi day kingfish and gamefishing charters.  We still have plenty of gaps but...make sure you book in EARLY to ensure we can get you on the water!




Learn how to fish softbaits for snapper

We're converts to softbait fishing for snapper! We're getting great results using GULP softbait on both snapper and kingis here in Tairua and if you'd like to learn more about this amazing form of fishing, come out on a softbait adventure or get some softbait tuition with us!





Learn how to jig for kingis!

Jigging for kingis is probably the most fun you can have with your pants on!

We've got all the latest jigging gear and have perfected this art of fishing and are ready to show you how EASY and FUN it is.

Read more about our jigging trips here.


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