Epic Fishing Charters

Epic Adventures is one of the biggest and oldest fishing charter operators in the Coromandel. We have a team of the best skippers Capt Owen, Capt Chase and Capt Ryan operating out of Whitianga, on the other side for the Coromandel Ranges we have Capt Chris who runs out of Amodeo Bay and up North in the Bay of Islands we have Capt Kit who is running fishing charters out of Russell and Paihia in the Bay of Islands. To read more about our skippers visit the skippers page…

What does a typical day look like?

Angling guests are asked to meet at 7am (Whitianga and 8am Russell and Paihia) sharp.
Whitianga meet location is the main wharf (The Esplanade)

Russell and Paihia meet location is normally arranged prior with the skipper.
But pick up is normally at the main wharves of both towns.

Please dress appropriately for a day on the water, its recommended to always bring a warm jacket. We won’t have anything extra to offer you.

Fishing Gear?
Epic provides all the fishing gear you will need.
We prefer to use only the best, Daiwa Saltiga 6500 spin reels, Maxel F70 overhead reels all paired with the amazing Jigstar ninja and twisted sister rods.
If you want to bring one of your favorite rod and reel combos feel free!

The Experience
Guests come to Epic Adventures for the chance to be hit by a large yellow tail kingfish. Our skippers are the best and know where to put you on the fish. While its not guaranteed that you will catch your dream fish, its extremely rare for someone to miss out on the arm stretching experience that comes with catching one these freight trains of the sea.
Epic normally fish using live bait, which we normally spend the first hour or so gathering with you, this is often good fun and as kingfish eat these bait fish, guests are often hit on our lightest gear… which causes some excitement!
(check out some of that action on the epic video gallery page or our youtube channel….)

As well as live bait we also carry a range of options from Catch fishing (jigs and lures).
Once the live bait tanks are full, its about an hour motor out to the deep water pins. (depending on where the fish are).

Your skipper will give some quick instructions on what to do and also what to expect when one hits, he will use the electronics to gauge depth, and tell you how many colours to drop down to (the braid has different colours every 10m).

Then you stand by and wait….

  Epics CHURCH

Throughout the day your skipper will be taking photos, these are loaded to our facebook page and also to the epic websites photo gallery.

To help protect our fantastic fisheries, Epic Adventures have a strict 1 kingfish kept per person policy (don’t worry 1 kingfish is a lot of meat). However most of our foreign guests come for the sport and are happy to release all of their kingfish catch to fight another day.

While we target kingfish and are renown for our kingfish charters we are fishing deep water pins and there is an exciting variety of string pulling fish that live down there.. we often catch snapper, john dory, hapuka (groper), Bass, plenty of sharks (goes with the territory) and in warmer months we see marlin, tuna and sometimes mahi mahi in the gear.


Our skippers normally aim to have you back at the wharf by 3:30pm each day (conditions can dictate this).

If you would like your fish filleted just ask your friendly skipper and if he has time he will happily oblige (for a beer). If you would like your fish smoked let your skipper know before heading to the wharf as he will phone ahead and arrange for blink smoke house to meet you at the wharf. They offer a great service.

If you need accommodation make sure you let us know as Epic Adventures can access discounted accommodation in Whitianga.


For the adventurous Epic Adventures also has a 6 berth campervan that you can hire from Auckland and then you are really in charge of your own holiday!

Why not extend the stay and try some guided back water trout fishing or even some of our amazing hunting options.


Epic Adventures