Epic Fishing Methods

A solid Coromandel Hapuka for the table

Our Methods

Epic Adventures utilize many different fishing techniques throughout the year.

LIVE BAITING – Kingfish, Puka and snapper that live in the deep love a fresh live bait.

JIGGING AND MECHANICAL JIGGING – One of the more physically demanding techniques but rewarding for those that stick it out!

TOPWATER – Throwing poppers to hard-charging kingfish on the surface is a great buzz

TROLLING – Either pulling plastic or a live bait across pins, knolls and headlands can result in some big fish!

Live Baiting

When you first leave the wharf, you will spend the first hour or so ‘gathering’ the bait-fish you need to help ensure you the best chance of hooking your personal best fish. The Shallow bays around the Whitianga and Russell/Paihia Wharves are good sources of live baits year-round.  Once your live bait tanks are full you are good to go.

Livies in the tank and ready to go

Your skipper will then motor you out to the locations that are proving to be the most productive for the time of year and he will also bait you up and hand you the gear to use (Usually the very best gear  – Jigstar roads paired with either Maxel or Daiwa Saltiga 6500 reels).  Then using the powerful  Simrad marine electronics onboard he will tell you exactly the depth to drop to (using the colored braid) … then its a case of waiting for one of these guys to arrive…. Game on!

On an Epic Charter you need to be ready for some XXL fish!


The Regions that Epic Adventures provide fishing charters (Coromandel and the Bay of Islands) is full of drop offs, seamounts, deep water pins that are ideal for Jigging. We normally recommend mechanical jigging and use jigs from Catch fishing.  However we have had some success recently as well with slow jigs.

Be warned, mechanical jigging can be physically demanding and once the big kingies hit the struggle becomes real!

Once the kingy hits…. hold on!
A nice Coromandel Kingy caught on a Catch jig

Top Water

From Early October through to the end of Summer (late March) the water is warm and we see fish across the whole water column. The boats are equipped with rods suitable for throwing poppers should the occasion arise. This is an exciting way to fish, as you can often see the fish chasing your popper on the surface and the big splash when they hook up gets everyone’s heart pumping!

A nice top water kingfish

There is no better sight (or sound) for a fisherman than to see a sudden explosion on the surface and the popper being smashed and the reel starts screaming at you.. ZZZZZZZZ … beautiful! Book a trip today!


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