EPIC Spring Fishing Report



We are super stoked to now have an ALL Senator boat fleet. These rigs are super comfy and stable and we wouldn’t want any other hull type for our guests.

The newest arrival is the new CHURCH for Capt Ryan. She went into Survey last week and Capt Ryan is frothing to get you out and into them. Capt Chase has enjoyed a well-earned break and Capt Owen has been leading the charge in Whitianga over winter on KAOS.

The Weather has seen typical late Winter and early Spring conditions with stunning days mixed with horrible. Capt Owen has been doing his thing and moving up and down the coast to put guests onto the best fishing for the season. There are a lot of sharks around so you need to be quick or lucky when you hook up. Sometimes its best to try another pin than to take on the tax man. We have seen some awesome-sized snapper in the last few weeks, and plenty of solid kings around. Several nudging the 20kg mark.

Capt KIT on KOROKING up in the Bay of Islands has seen a rush of early-season bookings with plenty of guests keen to get into fishing and not wanting to wait for things to warm up.

Guests on KOROKING have seen plenty of good kingfish come up and there have been a few beats that we couldn’t stop even with the awesome Kingfish rigs we have on board. The sharks are around up North too so don’t be afraid to move around to try and shake them free.

So plenty of good early-season fishing for those looking to head out up North.