Epic Fishing Report

Epic Adventures July Fishing Report

Coromandel : Whitianga report


with Capt. Owen
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Well we are well and truly into the middle of winter and with it comes the good and the bad with the weather. But if you hit one of those awesome winter days with a cool crisp start which turns into a brilliant day out on the water fishing. And as for the fishing it’s second to none as the fish are in prime condition.


They may take a little enticing to get to the bite at times but when they do they are generally better than average fish. The kings have been consistent and of decent size with a lot of snapper at times with the bonus John Dory, trevally and hapuka in the mix. And with this cooler water we have seen the end of what seemed like an endless problem with shark.


We have been running Jigstar rods for a while now and these poor rods get hell everyday and still come out on top, it is an impressive kit teed up with Maxel F70 overhead reels and Daiwa Saltiga Spins 6500 and 5000h. These outfits are just weapons.


Our new Senator 770RH Kaos is a weapon for this job,as we have been putting this boat through its paces on some pretty wild seas at times and she pulls through with ease with the power of the Honda 250BF what is just coming up to a 1000 hours and hasn’t missed a beat! Coupled with the impressive Simrad Evo3 Finder, Kaos is the ultimate hunter!

As we look into the coming months spring is ahead where things will just heat up some more so don’t be scared of the cold, rug up and get out here it’s all going on!!

Cheers all



with Capt. Chase
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The winter fishing continues to be good fun out there, bait in the bay on most occasions with the odd few kings to start the day!


Red mercs through to the alderman pins are holding both kings and the odd few puka on the bottom, which makes for an added welcome to the plate!


Hopefully the weather starts to get on our side and we can get into some more greenbacks ! Bring on August!

Cheers Capt Chase



with Capt. Ryan
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Fishing Report for Church

Over the past few months the water has cooled down drastically and the fish seem to have moved towards the bottom of the pins. I have been fishing towards the 70-90m depth. There are some solid kings around at this time of year and hooking them at this depth gives you a nice lengthy fight so your sure to have some sore arms by the end of the battle, you have to make sure you stop them quick though otherwise its in the reef they go!

There have been a few Hapuku caught recently as well, no monsters but definitely some great eaters with some happy looks on customers faces knowing that they are eating very well when they get home!

On the bait side of things it has been hit and miss in the bay lately. As soon as we seem to get a good patch of livies in, they seem to disappear after a big easterly blow! But this is ok as there are other places to find them.


There has been a few kingfish in the bay lately as well with customers getting a bit of a warm up before heading out wide!
Cant wait to see what happens over the next few months!


Capt Ryan

 Coromandel Report : Amodeo Bay

Anglers Lodge

with Capt. Chris
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Hi All,

Well it’s that cold time of year again.
This time of year is when the Snapper in the Gulf feed in shallow waters along the coastline. Fishing from the bricks can be epic north of Colville and as far round as Kennedy bay.

There have been some crazy bird workups south of Little Barrier heading toward Great Barrier and there are some XOS Snapper, Kings are in abundance around the workups too.


Kahawai are plaguing us around the islands out from Amodeo Bay and baitfish still in big numbers as well.

Cheers Cptn Chris

Bay of Islands : Russell/Paihia fishing report


with Capt. Kerry ‘KIT’
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Mid winter fishing report from the Bay of Islands, for the Epic Adventures charter vessel, Koro King. Well fellow fishos, as to be expected this time of the year, the weather has played a major part in the time myself and Koro King have spent on the water.

That aside, I can say that the kingis are still around! The snapper are everywhere and in prime condition, and other fine eating species such as john dory and kahawai are a nice addition.

Looking forward to spring guys, catch up soon. Your skipper, Kerry Gregory, Russell.

Captain Kit Gregory, Russell – Bay of Islands