NOVEMBER 2017 Fishing Report

November Fishing Report

New Zealand fishing charters as it should be. Commentary from our expert Skippers. Monthly reports are based on the months fishing activity from across the Coromandel (Whitianga and Amodeo Bay) and The Bay of Islands (Russell/ Paihia).

Coromandel : Whitianga report


with Capt. Owen
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With the spring winds been and gone and the settled weather patterns upon us as we have right now it makes for an easier day on the water.

Over the past month the bait fishing has been better than normal for this time of the year as generally it can be a little tough.  As far as the kings throughout October they have been phenomenal as early in October the kings kicked in strong coming up in the water column and feeding aggressively with plenty of days hitting the 30 to 50+ fish with some bruises among them.
New Zealand Kingfish charters Epic Adventures

We’ve been trying out the new range of Catch jigs this month…. they have been getting smashed! 

As for the snapper they have died off at the Alderman pins and picking up on the Cuvier reefs.

As we wind down to the end of the year we will start fishing the more northern regions such as Cuvier, Cracker Jack and Barrier.  We recently had some nice puka come aboard too.

The water temp of recent has jumped up considerably which is looking good for the upcoming season for the blue water fans.

So gear up and get ready and jump on as she looks like it is going to be good going into the new year.

Cheers all



with Capt. Chase
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What a November! This past month has been full of laughs, tears and solid kings! The alderman island pins have been our go to for the last few weeks with crazy kingfish days, not uncommon to see  30+ kings averaging 15kg+ making it a hard day on the arms. As we move towards the start of summer we’ll be starting to push towards cuvier Island as the fishing starts to come alive with high numbers of snapper and kingfish.

Solid NZ fish New Zealand fishing charters at its best!
Whitianga Kingfish Charters

Bait hasn’t been to much of a problem with the bay starting to hold good bait balls and should improve as we move into summer, Weather wise it’s been pretty sweet with some primo days out on the water ! Anyway I look forward to what December has to offer and with the water temps heating up hopefully hopefully a few beakys to! Cheers Capt Chase.

Cheers Capt Chase



with Capt. Ryan
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Epic fishing charters

For the first month on the tools for me fishing has been pretty great when you can get away from the easterlies that have been hammering the coast lately! We have been picking up some good fish over the Aldie pins and now starting to venture out further north to check out what it has to offer.

Bait has been coming into the bay now with some days easier to collect them than others. Had some really good days dropping jigs down with some really solid fish taking these but you still can’t beat the good old livie!
Epic Adventures Fishing Charters

With the great weather that is forecast in front of us as I’m writing this I cannot wait to get back out there and have a crack at these awesome Coromandel King


Coromandel fishing New Zealand fishing charters
Whitianga Fishing Charters Nice Coromandel fish!

Whitianga kingfish charters
Coromandel kingfish charters

Cheers Capt Ryan

Coromandel Report : Amodeo Bay

Anglers Lodge

with Capt. Chris
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Hi all,

Fishing out of Anglers Lodge has been epic through October and early November. The snapper were heading in to the gulf and were hungry.
Straylining the 20m+ of water was just amazing as we fulled bins of average sized snapper and then went on to catch people the trophy fish they all are hunting for.
Birds are working out wide, wide as in Flat rock off Kawau Island.

Baitfish are in good numbers around the islands out from Anglers Lodge, which made catching the trophy snapper, Dory and kings a breeze.
Last week more effort has gone in to finding the big fish, but going wide seems to be the way to go, Kings are not plentiful so we still have to go to the top of the Coromandel or even Cuvier, coming weeks will see the fish following the warmer water coming in to the gulf now.

Anglers Lodge fishing charters
Coromandel fishing charters

Cheers Cptn Chris